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Grass Cutting Services

At Essex Tree Brothers, we provide professional grass cutting services for both residential and commercial customers throughout the region, helping people to maintain attractive and healthy lawns all year round. Our team aren’t just highly experienced in grass cutting but we also use state-of-the-art tools and equipment in our work. This allows us to tackle any size or type of grass with the utmost precision. We’re dedicated to achieving an exceptional finish for your lawn every time.

Do you provide a grass cutting service near me?

Many local people ask us “Do you provide grass cutting near me?”, and the answer is usually yes. We serve customers throughout Essex and London, making us one of the most widely used grass cutting services in the region. Whether you’re looking for grass cutting for your home or your commercial gardens or grounds, we can assist. We can create a customised lawn care plan that suits your needs, providing a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or ad-hoc service.

Why is cutting grass important?

Cutting grass is important for many different reasons, including:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Regular grass cutting helps to create a visually pleasing lawn. It keeps the grass at an even height and ensures a neat and uniform appearance.
  • Healthy growth: Cutting your grass regularly helps to promote healthy growth by stimulating the development of lateral shoots and thickening the grass. The lawn becomes denser and more resilient lawn, making it better able to withstand foot traffic, play, and the effects of the weather.
  • Weed and pest control: Cutting the grass helps to control the growth of weeds, keeping them from sprouting up and ruining the look of your lawn. Keeping the grass short also makes it harder for pests to hide, preventing them from establishing colonies in your lawn.
  • Encourages strong roots: Cutting grass encourages the growth of new shoots and roots. Removing the top portion of the grass stimulates the roots, causing them to grow deeper into the soil and promoting a stronger root system. This increased root depth makes the lawn more able to absorb nutrients and water, leading to healthier and more drought-tolerant grass.

Additional lawn care services

As well as carrying out grass cutting, we offer a range of other lawn care services to keep your lawn in top condition. From edging and trimming to weed and pest control, our team is fully equipped to handle all aspects of maintaining a healthy lawn. Proper lawn care contributes to the long-term beauty and vitality of your outdoor space.

If you need your grass cut, get in touch with our friendly team today. You can reach us by calling 07447 610527, emailing [email protected] or sending us a message via the website. We’re on hand to discuss your grass cutting requirements with you.

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