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5 of the Best Tree Surgeon Tips

1. Never ‘Top Off’ Your Tree

If you’re looking to reduce the height of a tree, never be tempted to simply cut off the top of your tree! This may seem like the easy option, but it can actually weaken and severely impact your tree. If you want your tree to flourish for decades to come, avoid this, as there are other ways you can reduce the height of your tree without compromising its health. We can provide crown reductions essex which instead reduces height by cutting back to the lateral branch – helping reduce the height and width of the tree without damaging the tree.

2. Hire a Professional to Fell Trees

We may be bias, but we really do encourage you to hire a tree surgeon for tree felling or any major tree works, especially at height. Tree surgeons have the experience, knowledge and safety equipment to carry out this work in a controlled way which will help reduce the risk of danger and damage to you, your home and your neighbours! We have a full range of safety equipment to ensure we can do our jobs safely, not to mention years of experience!

3. Do Your Research

When choosing your tree surgeon, do your research to ensure you’re hiring fully qualified and experienced tree surgeons and arborists. Unfortunately, as with many trades, cowboys are rife so it’s important to choose carefully. At Essex Tree Brothers, we have over ten years of experience in the industry and are fully qualified. Take a look at our reviews and photo gallery to see our work.

4. Prune With Care

When it comes to pruning and maintaining your hedges and trees, be sure to do your research and be careful about how much you trim off. It is best to do your pruning during the dormant winter season, but you can do this all year round (just be sure to do your research on the best technique for your species). Be stingy with what you remove, less is more, even if you need to go back over it – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

5. Make Your Own Compost!

It’s really worth making your own compost, and a great way of reusing your garden waste into something new to help your garden grow! We are happy to provide you with the chippings and mulch from any branches we cut down for you to compost or we can take it away for free to dispose of responsibly.

If you’d like to hire us for our Essex Tree Services, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to help maintain and makeover your garden to help it look it’s best. We’re a family run business who pride ourselves on delivering high quality service and have a real passion for tree surgery.

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