Tree Planting in Essex

Help With Tree Planting 

If you are looking into tree planting on your property, land or in a public space – we can work you every step of the way to ensure it is done in the most effective way. We can provide the supply and planting of trees from young to semi-mature to help transform an area. We are happy to provide advice on what species we think will thrive most in your environment and fit the requirements you are looking for.

Our experience and knowledge of horticulture means we can make an informed choice and decision when assisting you with tree planting. We can also provide advice on necessary permissions and how to obtain these.

Planting A Hedge 

If you are looking at planting a hedge in the UK, we can advise you on if you will need to obtain permission either from the local council or from your adjoining neighbour. This will depend on if the hedge is solely on your boundary or between both properties as a separator.

A hedge can be a fantastic way to provide a boundary to your garden or separate out different sections of it, they have long been a way of creating a natural barrier that perfectly complements the environment around it.

Planting Hedge Trees

If you are looking to create a hedgerow, our knowledge of planting hedge trees means we can recommend the best species to choose for your needs as well as best suited to the environment and your ability to maintain it.

A hedgerow consists of a row of closely spaced shrubs or trees to create a barrier to the boundary of a property. They can be the ideal natural and aesthetic barrier to dividing land between you and your neighbour or creating marked out areas of your grounds or garden. Hedgerows can even be planted to create a maze!

Why Choose Essex Tree Brothers?

As well as supplying and planting hedges or trees, we can also provide tree protection and watering services to help you with the maintenance. Our knowledge and experience mean we are fully qualified to recommend the best species to choose from, plant them effectively so they can thrive and providing you with guidance on aftercare.

We are a friendly and family run company who have been providing our services for both domestic and commercial clients for over ten years now, making us the perfect choice for tree planting in the UK.

We pride ourselves on offering a full service and providing everything you need to maintain or transform your garden, grounds or forest area.

Call Us Now For Comprehensive Tree Planting Services

If you are looking for tree surgeons to provide tree planting or hedge planting for your grounds, get in contact with the Essex Tree Brothers via our online enquiry form or via one of our phone numbers listed on the website. Alternatively, you can email us on [email protected].

We will work with you to understand your needs and create a plan of action, and will happily provide a free no-obligation quote once we know more about the job or have been able to survey the area.

Feel confident about expert tree surgery from the Essex Tree Brothers. Based in Chelmsford, we provide our services all over Essex so do not hesitate to get in contact. If you cannot see the service you need on our website, simply give us a call and we will see what we can do!

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