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Tree Services Essex

The Essex Tree Brothers are able to offer a wide array of customer specific services. Below is a small selection of some of the services that are offered. If there is something that is not on the list please call the office.

Supply and planting of trees ranging from young to semi-mature trees. The Essex Tree Brothers can also supply tree protection and watering services. The Essex Tree Brothers are fully experienced and qualified to give advice on species selection, planting and aftercare.

All aspects of forestry &woodland management are offered, services include coppicing, timber extraction, pest control and ride management. We can also help with woodland management and associated solutions.

Using years of experience and the latest equipment Essex Tree Brothers are able to grind out unwanted tree stumps. The left over pulp will form a mixture of soil and small particles, its recommened that this is used in the garden as mulch, but can also be removed from site.

The Essex Tree Brothers are proud to be involved with various Environmental projects and ecological issues associated with trees. 

The Essex Tree Brothers are experts at removing trees in the safest and mostethical way possible. With experience of using mobile elevated platforms, cranes and the latest rigging equipment you are in the safest of hands. 

The qualified team can carry out all aspects of tree pruning reductions and re-pollarding. All works are carried out to British Standard 3998:2010 Recommendations for Tree Work.

Crown Reduction involves the process of modifying the overall shape to the crown of the tree, in order to reduce stress on individual branches, especially in adverse weather conditions. It is one of the most commonly performed tree surgery techniques & the Essex Tree Brothers are here to help.

To get in touch with Essex Tree Brothers about our Tree Surveys service, give us a call or submit your details into our contact form. 

Vegetation management involves the maintenance of keeping vegetation in good condition. This is mainly required in a public or commercial area where the grounds are extensive and require constant attention to be kept in the best condition. Get in touch to enquire if you’re interested.
Site clearance consists of a variety of tasks. The main factors include: clearing an area of land of trees to open up space or create a pathway, removing a fallen or damaged tree or tree felling of diseased or imposing trees.

Take your pick from the best seasoned hardwood logs that Essex has to offer. We are currently offering and selling a variety of logs, available for delivery in the Essex area now.

Woodchips are small to medium sized pieces of wood that that are cut or chipped from larger pieces of wood such as trunks, branches and stumps – get in touch to purchase your own today!

Giant Hogweed is a non-native plant, and is considered as a threat to the wild, as well as humans as the plant’s sap can lead to photosensitivity and photodermatitis. We ensure that Hogweed can be removed in a safe and efficient manner. 

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