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Reasons To Hire a Tree Surgeon

We are a nation of keen gardeners but there are certain jobs in your garden that should be left to the professionals because of the safety risks. Tree surgeons have often trained for years in using dangerous power tools at height, studying different species of plants and trees and diagnosing common tree diseases.

The profession of a tree surgeon is actually one of the most dangerous in the world and it’s not hard to see why when it often involves working at height and using dangerous power tools to cut back trees, prune bushes and fell trees.

It is for your own safety and the protection of both your own property and your neighbours to hire a tree surgeon in Wickford if you are looking to remove a tree, reduce its height or prune back tall bushes.

How to Transform Your Garden Efficiently

If you are looking to reduce height on a tree, a common misconception is to simply cut off the top, but this can cause significant damage to the tree, making it weak and vulnerable and preventing it from thriving.

At Essex Tree Brothers, our tree surgeons in Wickford can perform reduction-pruning which helps to reduce the height of a tree by cutting back to the lateral branch. This allows you to help reduce the height of a tree and allow more light into your garden without causing long term damage to your tree.

If you are looking to remove a tree, it is important to ensure the tree is not protected, which you often will need you check with your local council. When cutting down a tree, it can often be unpredictable, which is why it is important to hire Wickford tree surgeons to ensure it is done efficiently, we can even provide root removal to remove all traces of the tree. Roots can often be stubborn and difficult to remove, requiring specialist power tools.

Diagnosing Common UK Tree Diseases

Sometimes you may need to remove a tree or trees through necessity rather than choice, such as if a tree shows signs of disease. Tree felling helps prevent disease spreading and effecting more trees in your garden or the surrounding area.

If you suspect a tree in your garden may be the victim of a tree disease, our tree surgeons in Wickford can visit and diagnose what disease this is likely to be and if necessary, remove the tree.

The most common UK tree diseases include Dutch Elm disease which has affected millions of elm trees up and down the country, the Great Spruce Bark Beetle which damages trees by tunnelling into bark or fungal diseases such as Phytophthora Lateralis and Phytophthora Ramorum.

It is important to act quickly when suspecting a tree disease to prevent further damage to the tree, other trees or the species in the area. Millions of trees in the UK have been affected by these common tree diseases.

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We have tree surgeons in Wickford available to help transform your garden whether that means tree felling, pruning, root removal or general garden care. Call us now to discuss your requirements and receive a quote for our work.

We have been operating across Essex for over ten years, helping to transform and maintain gardens of all shapes, sizes and demands. We are available for both commercial and domestic work on either a regular or one-off basis.

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