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Essex Tree Brothers understands the importance of preserving the environment whilst completing our services and our aim is to minimise the impact our work has on the environment as much as possible.

We have stated below what actions we take to do this:

•We comply with the applicable environmental regulations and aim to limit pollution whilst completing our works.
• We encourage employees to work in an environmentally responsible manner and ensure they are kept up to date with the relevant environmental regulations.
• We minimise the generation of waste, to promote the use of sustainable resources and make the best use of all materials, supplies and energy. We do this by recycling or reusing any waste product produced. Wood or wood chip is then sold or donated to be re used and we dispose of any other waste in a responsible manner.

•We inform the customer of any animal presence in the area where the work is to be carried out and let them know how this could affect the tree work.

•Where possible it is our policy to promote re-planting as this helps re-establish the local environment rather than detract from it.

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