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What Is Involved in a Site Clearance?

A site clearance can consist of many different things, such as clearing an area of land of trees to open up space or create a pathway, it could be removing a fallen or damaged tree or tree felling of diseased or imposing trees. In most cases, site clearance of trees will be to make way for a development such as building houses or commercial space, creating a new pathway, road or trainline or to open up a space.

Whatever your plans, we can work with you provide site clearance in Essex, so you can progress with your project. We understand that you will be keen to move forward with your project, so we will work closely with you get the site cleared quickly and efficiently ready for your plans.

We can work with the local council to understand if any tree protection orders (TPOs) are in place and advise you on what is possible on your land. We can help with landscaping and find a solution that makes way for your project while protecting the surrounding environment.

We can also provide green waste removal and clear the site of the felled trees and ground stumps, leaving it clear for you to progress.

As professional and experienced tree surgeons, we can provide a range of services to aid with your tree site clearance in Essex. We can provide safe and managed tree felling, removing one or two trees or a whole plot of them. Our care and health and safety expertise will ensure this is done in a controlled and safe manner that keeps you, our staff and the surrounding area safe from harm.

We have a wide range of professional equipment that allows us to do our job efficiently and safely and all of our staff have had the sufficient training and experience in using these tools safely.

Following the tree felling, you will be left with the tree stumps, we can also provide tree stump removal. We do this by using a stump grinder, which is a piece of machinery that grinds down the stump and tree root, allowing it to be easily removed. We can also fill the hole with the leftover mulch if this helps or we can take it with us. Should you wish to have the felled tree stumps cut up to provide firewood or decoration, we are more than happy to provide this for you too.

Any green waste that we take with us if disposed of safely and responsibly in the eco-friendliest way.

If a tree on your land has been damaged or fallen due to storm damage or any other accident, we can help provide prompt removal of the tree to reduce disruption from a fallen tree blocking a road or pathway or a danger to anyone in the area.

If a tree is damaged and looks precarious or dangerous, we can come out and assess it and remove it if necessary, to prevent it falling unpredictably and causing an accident.

Our expert care and knowledge mean that we can safely assess the situation and remove the tree from the area and causing any harm to people or property.

Paul Cooper
Paul Cooper
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Very responsive to request. Clear on work being undertaken and price. turned up on time. Efficient and good job with everything tidied up. Excellent.
Richard Walters
Richard Walters
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When you leave them a message, they get back to you. The guys that came where lovely and knew their stuff. The job they did, was excellent! Thankyou so much.

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If you’re looking for a supplier of tree site clearances in Essex, please get in touch with us. We’re a family-run company of professional tree surgeons who have worked across both domestic and commercial projects – from small gardens to large forests.


What size sites do you work on?

You’ll be pleased to know that we specialise in site clearance and tree removal for properties of all sizes. Whether you have a small garden or a large commercial site, we have the expertise and equipment to efficiently clear the area, ensuring a clean slate for your project.

Our team is well-equipped to manage residential, commercial and industrial sites, making us your one-stop solution for site clearance needs. Once the site has been cleared, we can also provide maintenance on an ongoing basis. This has made us a firm favourite with customers in Essex and beyond.

Before starting any site clearance project, we can get in touch with the local council to identify any Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) that might be in place. Our experienced team will obtain all the information you require, before advising you on your next steps and what is immediately possible.

We work closely with local councils to strike a balance between effective site clearance and preserving the natural environment, ensuring compliance with local environmental laws. So no matter the scale or complexity of your site clearance project, you won’t find yourself caught out on the wrong side of the law.

We know that time is of the essence for many of our clients, which is why we pride ourselves on our ability to work at speed when needed. Our skilled professionals use modern equipment and efficient techniques to complete site clearance quickly while never compromising on quality. Speed and attention go hand in hand at Essex Tree Brothers, and you’re sure to be impressed with the end result of our efforts.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that your site is ready for its next phase without any delays, and we leave no room for errors or oversights. You can trust us to provide a swift, yet meticulously executed site clearance service.

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