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What is Forestry and Woodland Management? 

The management of a woodland area can understandably be a great undertaking and while it can be beneficial to benefit from this extended land, woodland management is essential to ensuring it can flourish in the best possible way.

Woodland management ensures the land is looked after responsibly and that timber can be harvested responsibly where desired. It allows the opportunity to plan and carry out tree felling or landscaping where appropriate while providing conservation and managing the biodiversity of the area, so it is not affected.

What Woodland Management Services Can You Provide? 

Essex Tree Brothers are proud to provide forestry and woodland management, with all aspects of forestry management offered such as coppicing, timber extraction, pest control and ride management.

We can work with you to ensure your grounds are well maintained and looked after, providing long term planning, sustainable forestry, woodland mapping, biodiversity and conservation. We can manage and lead on timber harvesting and landscaping to ensure the best management of your woodland and a return on your investment.

Why Should I Consider Investing in Forestry Management? 

With increasing focus on protecting our environment, efficient and expert forestry management is essential to ensuring your forest or woodland is managed sustainably to protect the environmental balance of the area and the living organisms within it.

Our expert knowledge and experience means that we can provide you with reliable and trustworthy advice to manage your land in the best possible way. Our forestry management provides a holistic approach that delivers social, environmental and economic benefits to ensure you can continue to see a return on your investment and conserve the area at the same time.

Why Choose Essex Tree Brothers?

We have been providing our expertise across the commercial and domestic sector for over ten years, delivering our range of tree surgery services and woodland management to a wide range of clients.

We are a family run company who aim to deliver professional and friendly service, so you can benefit from the best results for your grounds and allow it to flourish for years to come. Just take a look through our gallery to see the work we have done and the transformative effect it can have.

Investing in experienced tree surgeons such as ourselves means you can have peace of mind that your grounds are in the best possible hands. We offer fair and affordable pricing and keep to strict safety regulations for the safety of our staff and customers.

To find out more about forestry and woodland management options, please get in contact by calling us on 07447 610527 or 01245 955 117 or emailing us at [email protected].

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