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Do You Need A Tree Surgeon? 

When planning to work on your garden or grounds, you may be considering what elements you can do yourself and what elements you may need a professional for. When it comes to some elements such as tree felling, root removal, crown reduction or pruning at height, it is best to use the services of a professional tree surgeon in Stock.

Tree surgeons go through years of study and training to develop their skill and are specially prepared and experienced in working at height with heavy and dangerous machinery. It is actually one of the most dangerous jobs in the world! Thankfully, our Stock tree surgeons are fully trained in working at height and using harnesses and safety equipment to protect themselves and others.

While it may seem simple enough to take a chainsaw to a tree, there is much more to it, such as knowing the physics of where a tree will fall and how to control the fall to ensure there is no damage to people or property as well as ensuring the tree is not under a Tree Protection Order (TPO).

What Can I Hire A Tree Surgeon In Stock For?

There a number of tasks tree surgeons can carry out. While they are most known for providing tree removal or felling or helping with root removal – there are a whole range of tasks our tree surgeons in Stock can also carry out.

Tree felling and removal is most widely known as due to the unpredictable nature of cutting down a tree, many opt to hire the services of a professional tree surgeon. You may wish to remove trees to allow for more light to enter your garden or if it has become obtrusive or damaging to your home.

Tree felling may need to take place if disease has spread through the trees, removing infected trees is done to prevent it spreading to other trees in the area. Unfortunately, tree diseases can run rampant – damaging thousands of trees throughout the country – spotting it early can help reduce the impact. Our tree surgeons in Stock are trained in identifying a range of different tree diseases and recommending the best cause of action.

Once a tree has been removed, you are left with the root, which can be difficult to remove. We have specialist equipment to help grind the stump to a fine sawdust and break down the roots. This sawdust can be placed in the remaining hole or used as mulch. A root grinder can be extremely dangerous so should be operated by experts.

Rather than removing a tree, sometimes you may wish to reduce the height of the tree to help stop light being blocked and to keep the tree manageable. Our Stock tree surgeons can perform a crown reduction, which helps to reduce the height of a tree by trimming it back to the lateral branch. This is a much better method than cutting off the top of the tree which can leave it weakened.

Why Choose Essex Tree Brothers?

Essex Tree Brothers are a family run business with over ten years of experience in residential and commercial tree and garden maintenance. In that time, we have encountered a range of different challenges and experiences and have built up a loyal client base thanks to our professional workmanship and knowledge.

We provide a wide range of services and have helped transform gardens across Essex from modest gardens to large commercial grounds, working to whatever size and budget you have available. We love what we do and helping to transform gardens.

To book a tree surgeon in Stock, please get in contact and we’ll be happy to provide our services.

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