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Why You Should Use Tree Surgeons in Maldon For Tree Removal

It can often be tempting to take on big garden jobs by yourself, but there can be much more than meets the eye when it comes to tree removal or pruning. Did you know that the job of a tree surgeon is one of the most dangerous careers in the world? It takes careful training and knowledge of complicated power tools and working at height.

For your safety and the best care for your garden, home and neighbours, you should consider hiring the Essex Tree Brothers – among the best Maldon Tree Surgeons available! With years of experience under our belt and experience working with every type of garden and every type of tree – we provide excellent service to help your garden look its very best.

Whether it’s a modest sized back garden or large sprawling grounds, we’re happy to help with tree removal, pruning and cutting back of hedges, root removal, garden clearance or even regular maintenance to help your garden look it’s best.

Commercial and Domestic Maldon Tree Surgeons

We are happy to provide our services to both commercial and domestic premises on an ad hoc, regular or contractual basis. No matter the job, big or small, we’re happy to help. From the sprawling grounds of a stately home to pub gardens and back gardens – we’re happy to provide a tree surgeon in Maldon.

There are multiple issues that can occur with horticulture – such as diseases, fungus, weeds and intrusive roots. Some of these need expert care and attention to help provide early intervention that might save the tree or plant or help to revive it.

Our years of experience in horticulture means that we can easily identify these issues and help suggest the best course of action, whether that means removing diseased parts of a tree, identifying if a tree has died or care tips for the best longevity.

We can advise if you are over or under-pruning a tree, if the tree is in the wrong location or if it’s suffering from a lack of nutrients.

Comprehensive Tree Removal Services

There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to remove a tree, such as damage during a storm, safety, height or incurable tree disease.

Stormy weather such as high winds or lightening can damage a tree or cause it to fall. We can arrange for the removal of the tree and root removal following a strong storm – helping to clear your land and help with the safety of the area.

If a tree gets particularly tall, it can block light into your garden, infringe on your neighbour’s property or become a safety concern. In this case, we can either remove the tree or perform a reduction cut to cut back the height of the tree without damaging the integrity of the tree. This involves cutting back the branches of the tree which is healthier than chopping off the top of the tree which can weaken the tree and make it susceptible to falling.

Call Essex Tree Brothers Now to Get a Quote

If you need a tree surgeon in Maldon, call us now to get a quote, with no obligation. We’re happy to discuss the job with you and your requirements. We work across the district and county and have excellent feedback from all kinds of clients.

We’re experienced and knowledgeable and love what we do, so contact us to book us in!

What tree services do you offer in Maldon?

We can provide a number of tree services, but most commonly we are usually required to remove trees and tree stumps. This work can be dangerous, with heavy machinery and working at height, so requires our Maldon tree surgeons experienced services and safety equipment to be done safely.

We also are commonly called upon the perform ‘tree surgery’ which involves pruning or reducing trees to make them more manageable or neat. We can also help reduce the height of a tree without damaging it by performing crown reductions that allow us to modify the shape of the tree.

But we don’t only remove or reduce trees, we plant them too! We can plant young to semi-mature trees and can provide advice on which species will be most suitable and the best way to care for them.

For a full list of our services, visit our services page.

We take pride in our professional work and seeing the results of our handiwork. We take many pictures of our work, which you can see on our website. You can see examples from our tree surgeons in Maldon and across Essex and get an idea of the kind of transformations we can provide to your garden or grounds.

You’ll be able to see just how transformative our work can be and how it is possible to help completely makeover a space, garden or landscape with professional tree surgery. We also feature a lot of our work on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram where you can see our latest work and examples of the latest domestic and commercial work we have completed.

We provide before and after pictures, so you can get a full idea of what we can do.

We are a family run company who have been operating over ten years and pride ourselves on the knowledge and experience of our team of tree surgeons, consultants, climbers and ground staff.

We are fully insured and have plenty of experience in using mobile elevated platforms, cranes and rigging equipment to ensure we operate safely at height. We have worked in gardens, large grounds and forests, so have faced most challenges in our work and have the experience and knowledge in how to handle them safely.

We aim to work as ethically and environmentally friendly as possible and often encourage our clients to use their discarded garden waste as mulch, which we can grind for you, but we can also take this away and dispose of it responsibly for you as well.

With Essex Tree Brothers, you are getting professional friendly service and we’re always happy to provide you with advice and aftercare.

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