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Why You Should Hire a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons are able to complete a number of different tasks within your garden or grounds, to ensure it is a well-maintained, safe and admirable environment. Tree surgeons go through years of training and experience to ensure they act safely and in the best interests of your garden.

Tree surgeons face many hazards working not just at height but also on the ground, so it’s vital your tree surgeon is fully trained and comfortable with all parts of their work and equipment. This can include aspects such as harnessing, how to safely use all equipment and also knowing the physics of taking down a tree safely in order to protect your buildings bellow from any damage. All of these are reasons why it is important to hire a professional tree surgeon in Chigwell.


What Tasks Can Tree Surgeons Do? 

Tree surgeons are probably most well-known for tree removal and felling, reasons for tree removal can be to clear an area for building, an improved view or landscape and gardening reasons. Tree felling is also a necessity if a tree has become diseased in which it is best to remove the tree or trees before it spreads across the garden.

Tree surgeons can also aid in root removal from trees that have been taken down previously or fallen in storms and high winds. Roots can often be difficult to remove, with different types of trees causing different problems and needing different approaches. Tree surgeons have specialist equipment and experience to remove roots effectively. Most jobs will be too dangerous or unable to be carried out without the correct tools and equipment, so it is in someone’s best interest to hire a professional tree surgeon to do this.

Another common job associated with tree surgeons is reduction-pruning. The act of reducing the height of a tree by trimming it back to the lateral branch. This is the best way of reducing the height of a tree without weakening or causing damage to it. Pruning is usually done when a tree is overgrown, causing interference with surrounding things or more sunlight is wanted in the garden. 

However if you are looking for other work to be carried out in Chigwell besides trees, tree surgeons can also aid in the removal or pruning of bushes, garden clearing and general garden maintenance!


Why Choose The Essex Tree Brothers?



We have been providing expert residential and commercial tree and garden maintenance for over ten years, encountering many different challenges and experiences along the way from all team members. This has given us the knowledge and expertise to provide professional and friendly services in any setting we are required to.

Whether you need garden or grounds maintenance, require emergency help due to a fallen tree or any type of tree work, we will provide you with the same excellent service and care throughout. We are upfront about our costs and services and will keep you fully informed throughout every point of our work. Whether you need a tree surgeon on a one off job or an ongoing contractual basis, we’re happy to provide our services to you in Chigwell.

We are a family based business in the heart of Essex, we have helped transform gardens all across the county from modest yards to sprawling grounds, we’re happy to work to whatever size and budget you require and will happily discuss options and give you expert garden advice for you to be able to get the best from your outside space.

Make the most out of your garden and get our Chigwell tree surgeons at Essex Tree Brothers to help transform your space into the envy of your neighbours! Call us now and our friendly staff will be more than happy to talk to you about what we can offer and provide you with a free quote.

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