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What Does A Tree Surgeon Do?

A tree surgeon is trained and experienced in the precision of completing many dangerous tree maintenance tasks such as tree felling, pruning and stump removal. These tasks often involve working with heavy and dangerous machinery and requires experience and precision to avoid injury.

A tree surgeon will go through many years of training and studying to qualify, knowing the best methods to maintain trees and complete tasks safely. As you can imagine, there are many unpredictable elements when it comes to working with nature and without the proper experience and training, it can be incredibly dangerous for themselves and others.

Our tree surgeons in Althorne have years of experience behind them and are well versed with all different types of tree, plant, hedge, vines and shrubs and how to maintain them or remove them safely.

What Can A Tree Surgeon Do?

Our tree surgeons in Althorne can provide a number of different services for you, such as tree felling, removal, root removal, pruning and crown reduction. For full details of all our services, visit our services page but here is a short overview of our services.

Tree surgeons are usually most known for tree removal and felling, whether someone wants to clear some area in their garden, allow more light in or are finding the tree is now intruding in on their home. Many people opt for a tree surgeon for this task because they have the equipment and experience to take down a tree safely. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict where a tree can fall, resulting in damage and injury if not done correctly.

Tree felling sometimes occurs because a tree is dead or dying, and sometimes trees will need to be felled to stop the spread of disease which can quickly run rampant across trees. Our Althorne tree surgeons can visit and assess your tree and identify if there is a disease present and advise the best cause of action such as removal.

If you have had a tree felled, you are left with the stump and roots, which are often locked into the ground and can be difficult to remove. To remove a stump, we use a stump grinder, that breaks down the roots and grinds the stump into a fine sawdust. The sawdust can then be used to fill the remaining hole. Again, this equipment can be dangerous, and it is recommended that you employ a tree surgeon to carry out this work.

If you’re looking to keep a tree in your garden, but want to reduce its height to allow more light to flow in or to keep it manageable and from infringing onto your home or neighbour’s property, then our tree surgeons in Althorne can provide a crown reduction, which helps to reduce the height and width of a tree by trimming back to the lateral branch. This ensures the tree retains its strength and is not left weakened or vulnerable, like it would be if you simply cut off the top and exposed the trunk.



Why Choose Essex Tree Brothers?

If you’re looking for a reliable tree surgeon who has the experience, knowledge and attention to detail to provide the best results for your garden, the Essex Tree Brothers should be your first choice.

We are a family run business with over ten years of experience in tree surgery for residential and commercial clients. We have built up a loyal client base and helped transform gardens throughout Essex.

Contact us now to book your appointment or enquire about a quote.

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