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Professional and affordable tree cutting services

At Essex Tree Brothers, we’ve been providing tree cutting services in Essex for many years. We’re local experts, having cut trees for both domestic and commercial customers across the region. Our team have all the skill and knowledge to carry out the work to the highest standards, achieving first-class results every time. So, whether you need a single branch removing, a whole tree cutting down, or hundreds of them taking out, we can assist. No job is too big or small for us to handle.

We come highly recommended locally, becoming renowned for our professional and affordable services. You can read some of our reviews on our website to find out what to expect when you hire us to provide tree cutting services in Essex.

Specialists in tree cutting in Essex

At Essex Tree Brothers, we have a vast amount of expertise in tree cutting. Our tree surgeons have cut many different types of trees, using the best, most effective methods and specialised equipment. If you need tree cutting, don’t be tempted to take on the task yourself.

Although it might appear easy enough, especially if it’s a small tree, in reality, it’s an incredibly challenging task. Difficult and hazardous, it can cause injury to yourself or others, as well as damage to the tree itself. At Essex Tree Brothers, we are skilled in all tree care tasks and know how to work safely at height.

Tree cutting for all species

Our tree cutting specialists are able to cut trees of many different species, including those most common in the UK.

Oak tree cutting

One species of tree that we cut most often is oak. The oak tree is one of the most common and best-known trees in Britain. Since they can grow higher than 20 metres and occasionally up to 40 metres tall, it’s no surprise that they often need cutting. As well as being tall, they also have large canopies that need regular management. We can assist with oak tree cutting on both domestic and commercial landscapes.

Willow tree cutting

There are over 400 willow tree species throughout the country, including the bay willow, crack willow, goat willow, osier willow, grey willow and white willow. However, it’s the weeping willow that is most common. These trees are regularly adopted in parks and gardens and can grow to heights of up to 30 to 50 feet in some cases. At Essex Tree Brothers, we have plenty of expertise in willow tree cutting in Essex, with our team able to prune and remove willow trees of all species and sizes.

Conifer tree cutting

Conifer trees come in various types, including pine, yew, cypress and the Douglas fir. They can grow exceptionally high, which is why they often need cutting back. At Essex Tree Brothers, we can provide conifer tree cutting services, with our team possessing the skill and knowledge needed to cut back a single tree or several of them safely and effectively.

Contact our team today to arrange professional tree cutting services in Essex for all domestic and commercial work.

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