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Maintain Your Grounds in An Environmentally Friendly Way

We are all becoming increasingly conscious of our responsibility to act environmentally responsibly in all aspects of our daily life, from limiting our electricity and water usage to recycling and minimising disruption to wildlife.

At Essex Tree Brothers, we are proud to be involved with various environmental projects and ecological issues that affect trees. We believe that through our work, we have a responsibility to consider the environmental impact of the work we do to the surrounding area and local wildlife.

The UK has a variety of orders and protections in place to protect certain species of trees and plants and we will always work within this. It is important to protect the natural environment we have to allow it to continue to thrive for generations to come.

We are happy to help and advise you on the meaning and requirements of these tree protection orders and what it means for the work we can provide for your home, business or public grounds.

Identifying Tree Diseases

Through our work, we come into contact with common tree diseases which can desolate entire species of trees, such as ash dieback, Dutch elm and acute oak decline. Ash dieback among one of the most prolific of these, is predicted to kill 80% of ash trees across the UK while Dutch elm disease has affected 60 million trees in the UK already.

There are 19 different pests and diseases that are currently attacking our native trees, six of which are at epidemic levels and 11 more threatening our borders.

We work hard to identify these as early as possible through the work we do and remove them before the disease can spread to other trees in the area. We also help to plant new trees in woodland and grounds to help make the area more resilient to pests and disease.

A mix of different native trees can help future-proof a landscape and allow it to be resilient in the face of tree diseases and pests, making bouncing back much easier. When planting new trees on your land, we will recommend which ones will benefit the surrounding environment most.

Our Environmental Tree Work

We believe it is important to provide environmental tree services and as tree surgeons we have a responsibility to look after the natural landscape. Through all of our work, we operate in a responsible way and ensure we protect endangered trees or environments for local wildlife.

We will always be upfront with our customers about the importance of protecting endangered species and when tree protection orders prevent us from felling a tree. It is on all of us to educate others about protecting our natural environment.

When removing trees, we aim to do this in the safest and most ethical way possible, we ensure we dispose of trees safely and often encourage our clients to use leftover products as mulch for their garden.

Call Us Now For Environmental Tree Services

If you are looking for tree surgeons to help on an environmental project or want to ensure you are maintaining your garden or grounds in an environmentally responsible way, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will happily do what we can to help you and ensure we provide environmental tree work while meeting your needs and requirements.

As a family run company that has been operating for over ten years, we have seen first-hand the impact tree diseases and developments have had in local areas.

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