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We provide a number of services to aid the maintenance of your garden or grounds. The services that tree surgeons in Rayleigh are most known for is usually tree felling and take downs to remove trees, either because they have become nuisance, to improve the view and light into a garden or because the tree has a disease.

Then there is of course, tree surgery, which consists of tree pruning, reductions and re-pollarding. It can usually be necessary to employ a tree surgeon to carry out this work because it requires working at height with heavy and dangerous machinery. We can also perform crown reductions which is a way of modifying the shape of the tree – either to reduce stress to branches and make it safe in adverse weather or to help reduce height in the healthiest way for the tree.

Another popular service we provide is stump grinding. Following a tree surgeon in Rayleigh felling a tree, you will be left with the stump which you may want to remove if it is in the way – this can be quite a dangerous activity to carry out yourself as it requires grinding out the tree stump so requires professional Rayleigh tree surgeons.

Why Do I Need a Tree Surgeon? 

When it comes to the management of your garden, particularly when it comes to working at height or removing trees, it is important to employ an experienced tree surgeon in Rayleigh.

The job of a tree surgeon can be incredibly dangerous and requires years of experience and knowledge in horticulture as well as knowing how to work safely at height with the unpredictably of nature.

Many things have to be considered when it comes to felling trees, and it is important this is done safely with the appropriate equipment to do this in a controlled way and manage where the tree will fall to limit and avoid damage to your property and others. By employing tree surgeons in Rayleigh, you can be confident that the job can be done safely and professionally.

You also may need to get permission to remove a tree from your local authority – Rochford District Council or ask to see the TPO (Tree Protection Order) register. We will usually be able to advise if a tree is likely to be protected.

Who Are the Essex Tree Brothers?

The Essex Tree Brothers are a family run company who operate in Rayleigh and across Essex. We have over 10 years commercial and domestic experience and a team of qualified tree surgeons and consultancy staff on hand to handle any issue.

We are fully insured and use all the necessary safety equipment to ensure we operate to the very best standards and the safety of our staff and the public. We have experience in using mobile elevated platforms, cranes and rigging equipment to carry out our work – to ensure we can fell trees safely.

We aim to run as environmentally friendly and ethically as possible, and we encourage people to use some of the leftover material from stump grinding or crown reductions as mulch, which we are happy to grind down, but we can also remove this from the site as well.

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Our experienced team work all over Essex and we provide a number of tree surgeon services, call us now to discuss your requirements and if you can’t find the service you need on our website, please call us to see what we can do.

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