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What Services Do Tree Surgeons Provide?

Tree surgeons are masters of many aspects within tree work; such as working at height, diagnosing tree diseases, pruning and reduction of trees or removing trees altogether. There is a science to horticulture and tree surgeons are the masters of it, needing to know how to safely use all equipment is essential such as operating bungee cords and harnesses to work at height, knowing when trees can pose a risk and knowing how to fell a tree without causing damage to other people or property below.

It is this skill and knowledge that makes them such a valuable asset to any homeowner and someone who takes pride in their garden. To carry out certain tree and garden maintenance safely and effectively, it is wise to hire services of professional tree surgeons in Bishops Stortford.

Tree surgeons are most well-known for carrying out tree removal and felling or helping to clear trees from an area for either building work, creating a better view or allowing more sunlight into an area. They know how to safely execute each job to perfection with the best knowledge of your garden. Many people make the mistake of trying to undertake tasks like this by themselves and cause injury or damage.

Our Bishops Stortford tree surgeons can also provide services such as pruning trees and bushes which is useful when trying to maintain a tall tree, hedge or bush which is growing out of hand – especially as it requires working at height with dangerous power tools.

Essex Tree Brothers Knowledge

As well as knowing and having experience in how to use advanced power tools , we also have the knowledge in diagnosing tree diseases such as Ash Dieback and Phytophthara Lateralis – it is important that any tree disease is diagnosed as early as possible to either help treat it or to remove the tree to prevent it spreading to other nearby ones throughout your garden. 

Our knowledge is important when it comes to jobs such as pruning trees as many people are tempted to ‘lop the top off’ this can actually damage the tree and make it weak by exposing the trunk. It is much better to ask a tree surgeons such as us at Essex Tree Brothers to perform reduction-pruning, by trimming back to the lateral branch, shortening the tree without damaging it.

The job of a tree surgeon comes with many risks, as we are often working at height and need to rely on harnesses and climbing equipment all very often whilst using dangerous power tools! We need to know how to safely use equipment to protect ourselves and others as well as how to predict where a tree might fall to avoid damage to property and how to spot the signs of different tree diseases to protect your garden. All of these reasons are why it is important to get a professional tree care service in Bishops Stortford.

We have been working as tree surgeons for over ten years so are familiar with a whole range of both common and rare garden problems, with the knowledge and experience of how to treat the problem in the best way. We can even advise how you might avoid this happening in the future with the best plan of action.

Transform Your Garden with a Tree Surgeon in Bishops Stortford

It’s amazing what some clever landscaping can do to your garden, either creating separate spaces or opening up an area. We’re happy to work with you or your gardener to help make that vision a reality by removing or planting trees, pruning overgrown bushes and trees or removing stumps and roots.

We can help diagnose any problem areas in your garden where trees or bushes may be struggling to flourish and help your garden to look its very best again. We have worked in gardens of all sizes both residentially and commercially, so we are more than happy to work to any size or budget. We believe you should make the most of any outside space you have and it’s amazing what some clever landscaping can do.

Call us now for a free quote or to discuss your project. We’re also happy to give you gardening tips and advice during our work, so you know how to keep your garden looking its best for years to come. We’re happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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