Vegetation Management Essex

What is Vegetation Management? 

Vegetation management consists of keeping vegetation in good condition and manageable, usually in a public or commercial area where the grounds are extensive and require constant attention to be kept in the best condition. This might be on public land, in parks, by powerlines or motorways, at airports or large hotel or stately home grounds, to name a few examples.

Keeping on top of vegetation management is vital for some industries, such as railways, where service can be disrupted by a fallen tree or heavy leaf fall on the line. In public places such as parks and open spaces or along a motorway, this could cause a safety issue to the general public – therefore hiring a company to provide vegetation management is essential.

What Can I Expect From Vegetation Management?

If you are interested in contracting commercial vegetation management in Essex, you’ll want to know what to expect from this service.

Your vegetation management plan will really depend on your needs and what need to be done across your land. This could be regular pruning or crown reduction to keep trees and shrubs well maintained, felling as and when needed to prevent danger or injury to the public or removing dead or dying trees, weed control or new tree and shrub planting. You might need or require regular vegetation or ecological surveys to keep on top of the condition of the land.

You may need vegetation management on an emergency or adhoc basis, in the event of an emergency following a storm or damage to a tree or an obstruction to a railway line or road.

This can all be discussed with us when you enquire about vegetation management, so both parties are clear on what needs to be fulfilled as part of the contract.

Vegetation Management Essex

Essex Tree Brothers are a team of leading tree surgeons in Essex and can provide commercial vegetation management in Essex. Whether you are a public sector authority who needs to maintain public grounds or a private or commercial business that need to maintain their grounds, we can work with you to develop a vegetation management plan that meets all your needs.

As an experienced and family-run company, we provide unrivalled service and can provide a wide range of services, such as tree felling and removal, stump grinding, crown reduction, pruning, weed removal as well as tree and shrub planting. We can help advise on the most suitable species for your environment, so your grounds will remain flawless and be easy to manage.

We can also provide woodland and forestry management and environmental work, so you can receive a full and thorough service from us.

Why Choose Essex Tree Brothers? 

We are well experienced and fully qualified tree surgeons and arborists, providing a high quality of service to our clients. You can view our gallery to see the transformative effect we can provide. As a family-run company, we are friendly, professional and have a huge passion for what we do.

Health and safety are of the highest importance to us and we use full safety equipment when working at height and are fully trained in operating safely and responsibly, so you can rely on us to deliver excellent skilled service that keeps you, the public and your property safe.

If you’d like to enquire about our commercial vegetation management in Essex and enquire about a quote or arrange for us to survey the area and talk you through our services in more detail, please get in touch today.

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