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Tree Surgeons in Ingatestone

What Types Of Services Does A Tree Surgeon Provide?

Our tree surgeons in Ingatestone are able to provide a wide range of services such as tree felling and removal, diagnosing tree diseases, pruning tree and hedges, recommending and planting new trees and hedges, general maintenance and other specialist services such as crown reduction and root removal.

As experts of horticulture, tree surgeons undergo years of study and training to aid their knowledge of all different types of species of tree, the common diseases that can affect it as well as knowing how to work safely at height with a harness and bungee cords.

Tree surgeons tend to be most commonly thought of when it comes to tree removal, which is a common element of the job. Their knowledge and experience allows them to remove trees carefully, being able to judge and control where the tree will fall to minimise damage and danger to homes and people.

Tree removal may be required for a range of reasons such as to allow more light into a garden or home, due to disease or to make way for a new structure.

Why Is It Important To Consult A Tree Surgeon?

If you are considering work in your garden or grounds, it is well worth consulting a tree surgeon in Ingatestone. Our tree surgeons have years of experience and will be able to provide you with their expert opinion on your plans.

As a lot of garden maintenance such as pruning, crown reduction and root removal can be dangerous, not just tree felling, it is always worth consulting an expert. Our tree surgeons in Ingatestone can provide these services for you, we have years of experience in operating heavy and dangerous machinery at height and can provide a professional finish to your garden maintenance.

For example, crown reduction is a way of reducing the height of a tree without damaging the tree. It involves reduction-pruning to reduce the height by trimming back to the lateral branch. This is much more effective than cutting off the top of the tree which leaves the trunk exposed and weakened.

The reason we recommend consulting a tree surgeon in Ingatestone is simply that it is a dangerous job. In fact, one of the most dangerous in the world! Therefore we always advise leaving it to the professionals as we have full safety equipment and training and know how to complete these tasks safely and effectively, leaving you with the best results.

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If you’re looking to transform your garden or get it looking back to its best, get in touch with the team. Essex Tree Brothers are a family run company who have been operating for over ten years with many years of experience performing tree surgery and maintenance in both residential and commercial settings.

We provide a wide range of services and if you can’t find what you need on our services page, please get in contact and we’ll see what we can do to help. We pride ourselves on providing friendly, professional and affordable service to each and every client. It’s this which has helped us build a loyal client base across Essex, so why not see for yourself with our Ingatestone tree surgeons.

Call us now for a free quote and to discuss the requirements of your project. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and help make your vision a reality, so you can enjoy your garden once again.

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