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Tree Surgeons in Brentwood

What Does A Tree Surgeon Do? 

A tree surgeon can provide a number of different services to help you maintain your garden and keep it looking its best and thriving. Their knowledge of horticulture provides them with a wide breadth of experience in identifying tree diseases and recommending the best landscaping and maintenance tips to get the most from your garden and trees.

The main role that tree surgeons play is helping manage, prune or remove trees in a safe and efficient manner. This means working at a great height with dangerous power tools which is why it is essential to hire a professional to cut down a tree or remove the roots. They will have the experience and training to do this in the safest and most efficient way to avoid causing damage to the garden or nearby property.

The role of a tree surgeon is one of the most dangerous occupations in the world and requires years of experience, training and safety practises. It is always best to call in a tree surgeon in Brentwood to complete the work in the safest way possible.

Weather Damaged Or Dangerous Trees

Do you have a tree that has been damaged as a result of wind or lightning, or have a tree that has been damaged? It is best to get this seen to as soon as possible before nature or further weather causes a more dangerous issue.

If you’re worried about a tree in your garden causing damage to you, your neighbours or the rest of the garden, call us and we’ll aim to get to you as soon as possible and try our best to cut down the tree or weakened branch before it injures anyone or damages your property.

Trees are often the victims in strong storms, and we understand how stressful this can be, so we aim to put your mind at ease and solve the issues as long as it is safe to do so. Call our tree surgeons in Brentwood to discuss your worries or concerns about a precarious tree and we’ll aim to send somebody out to see to it.

Common Tree Problems

There are a number of common tree problems that can cause difficulty and need attention by our Brentwood tree surgeons.

When trees are particularly tall, they can cause issues such as blocking sunlight or overshadowing a neighbour’s garden. Providing the tree is not under a TPO (Tree Protection Order) – we can perform something called a tree reduction – which is a form of pruning that allows us to reduce the height of the tree by cutting back to the lateral branch. This is better than topping off (cutting off the top of the tree) as this weakens the tree and makes it vulnerable.

Sometimes trees will fail to thrive because they are in the wrong location and fail to get enough nutrients – we can suggest a better location or what you can do give your tree the best chance. The other things that can cause damage to trees is disease or pests, which we will aim to identify and treat or remove the tree to avoid infecting the other trees.

The Best Tree Surgeons in Brentwood

Whether you’re looking for somebody to complete tree felling, root removal or general garden maintenance – Essex Tree Brothers are the best tree surgeons in Brentwood and the surrounding areas! We pride ourselves on our skill and knowledge and delivering a professional job every time.

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