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Do you want to ensure that your trees and shrubs remain at a certain height? If so, they may require pollarding – a common pruning technique that keeps them smaller than they would otherwise grow. Pollarding is recommended once a tree reaches its ideal height and is carried out annually to ensure it doesn’t grow any higher. At Essex Tree Brothers, we can carry out tree pollarding in Essex at highly competitive prices.

How is pollarding performed?

Pollarding involves the upper branches of a tree being removed in order to promote a dense head of branches and foliage. The crown of a tree is removed, leaving just the main trunk system. Although pollarding can be carried out on trees in both domestic and commercial settings, it tends to be more common on trees along roadsides where they are overhanging a main road and putting safety at risk. If you’re not sure if you require tree pollarding or another tree care service, get in touch. We can offer you expert advice on which technique is right for your trees.

What are the benefits of pollarding?

Pollarding can benefit trees in a number of ways. The biggest benefit is that it stops trees from growing too high for their local environment and causing problems for trees planted in the same area. If trees grow too large, this can affect smaller trees nearby. Pollarding may also be beneficial for trees in urban settings that are planted too close to power lines, signage or fencing. Another reason pollarding might be carried out is to allow more natural light into a space by reducing the shade cast by a tree.

What species of tree are suitable for pollarding?

Not all trees are suitable for pollarding. A few of the species this technique can be used on include:

• Oak
• Ash
• Willow
• Pine
• Elm
• Plum
• Cedar
• Cherry
• Eucalyptus
• Common lime
• London plane

London plane trees are widely planted across southern England, making them one of the most common types of tree we see here at Essex Tree Brothers. Species of oak, elm and ash are also ideal candidates for tree pollarding. Younger trees are usually more suitable for pollarding since they grow faster and healthier than mature trees. Newer trees are also less prone to diseases.

We generally recommend that pollarding is carried out in the spring, however, some species may be more suited to summer pruning as they’re more likely to release sap at this time of year. Pollarding should be avoided in autumn if possible since there’s a bigger risk of invasive fungi entering the pruning cuts on the tree.

Find out more about our tree pollarding services in Essex

If you require tree pollarding in Essex, get in touch with Essex Tree Brothers today. As one of the leading tree surgery companies in the area, we’re confident we can deliver a service that meets your needs and expectations. Call us on 07447 610527 or 01245 955 117 to discuss your requirements or send us a message via our website.

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