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Professional crown thinning services

Crown thinning involves removing carefully selected secondary branches from throughout the crown whilst making sure the shape and size of the tree remains the same. This method of pruning is usually carried out to increase light penetration and improve air movement through the canopy, helping the plants that are growing in the tree’s shadow to receive more natural light and thrive better.
Crown thinning reduces the sail effect of the crown whilst reducing the wind loading on the limbs of the tree. This technique may also be necessary for the removal of dead, damaged, weak, or crossing branches.

Why choose Essex Tree Brothers for crown thinning in Essex?

We’ve been carrying out crown thinning in Essex for over 10 years, serving both domestic and commercial clients throughout the area. We are highly experienced tree surgeons, with all the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to carry out work to the very highest standards. Crown thinning is one of the most common tree pruning methods we carry out here at Essex Tree Brothers, with many hardwood trees benefiting from this service at some point.
We always use the correct procedures when carrying out crown thinning, making sure the best results can be achieved. Stems with narrow and V-shaped angles of attachment are usually selected for removal first since they often have bark inclusion which forms a bark wedge, preventing strong attachment of stems and causing cracks where the branches meet. This can impact the health and condition of the tree. We leave those branches with strong U-shaped angles.

Avoiding unnecessary stress to the tree

To avoid placing unnecessary stress on the tree and prevent the production of too many epicormic sprouts, we usually recommend that no more than a quarter of the crown should be removed at each time. If it’s necessary to remove more of it, this should be done over a number of years. If you’re not sure if crown thinning is required or if you need a different service, talk to our team. We can offer a free site visit where we can assess your trees and provide the expert advice that you need.

Complying with health and safety legislation

Health and safety come first when we carry out crown thinning services in Essex. Since tree surgery is such a high-risk activity, we always ensure that we follow the latest legislation created by the HSE. As well as working at height, we also use powerful equipment in our work which can be incredibly dangerous. That’s why we always use the correct equipment when carrying out crown thinningand other tree care services, including ropes, harnesses, protective hard hats and eye and ear protection. We always carry out an on-site risk assessment too to ensure the safety of our team, clients, and the general public.

Hire our tree care services today

For crown thinning in Essex, get in touch today. Call us on 07447 610527 or 01245 955 117 or email [email protected]to discuss your tree care needs with one of our friendly team. We can arrange a free onsite visit and provide you with a competitive quotation for the work you require.

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