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Woodchip For Sale Essex

What is woodchip?

Woodchips are small to medium sized pieces of wood that that are cut or chipped from larger pieces of wood such as trunks, branches and stumps. It has a number of uses, making it a worthwhile investment for the keen gardener. They can often be used as a type of mulch for gardens, helping to protect plant roots and suppress weeds.

They are also ideal at keeping plants and trees hydrated, as they can aid in water retention, holding onto water and slowly releasing it back into the soil along with nutrients from the woodchip itself.

Woodchip can also be used in landscaping, helping to highlight or border flower beds, mark out pathways or add a finishing touch to play areas.

What can I use woodchip for?

Woodchip has many uses and is practical as well as aesthetically pleasing; it is an easy way to line areas throughout your garden to help create a clear landscape such as creating pathways, lining flowerbeds, complementing borders and protecting tree roots. We have woodchips for sale in Essex – 1 Cubic Metre of Woodchip is £60.00 and we are sure you will find plenty of ways to use it throughout your garden.*

If you have a play area in your garden or park, woodchip is the perfect covering material, as well as looking natural and complementing the environment, wood chips retain water which provides shock absorption to minimise injuries in the event of a fall. We have woodchip for sale for both domestic and commercial purposes.

If you enjoy growing your own vegetables, woodchip is ideal for growing mushrooms with many species of mushroom thriving on them – all you need is spawn, woodchip and water. Choose a shady place, ideally round the base of a tree and keep moist to see the best results!

Wood chip suppliers in Essex

Our woodchip for sale – 1 Cubic Metre of Woodchip is £60.00 and is available for delivery or collection.* If you can collect your woodchip, you will benefit from a discount! Get in touch to order your woodchip now!

*Please note, our Woodchip is delivered loose, not in bags. 

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