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What is a Tree Survey?

A tree survey is a study of trees on public or private land to find out useful information about the trees and aid homeowners and property management in making decisions. Different data is collected during the survey such as the species, age, number, location, crown spread, root protection areas and general condition of the trees.  

Tree Surveys are necessary and required by law to help protect and conserve certain species of tree, especially when they might be endangered or under a tree protection order.  

The British Standard for trees in relation to design, demolition and construction says that ‘appropriate measures should be taken to assess existing trees on and adjacent to a site where any new development is proposed.  

This can also aid in design for new developments by accounting for these trees in the design or the overall project and it’s likelihood for planning approval.  

What Our Tree Surveys Consist Of

Our tree surveys meet the five stages of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects); 

  1. Arborical Feasibility Advice 
  1. Tree surgery and constraints advice 
  1. Arboricultural impact assessment 
  1. Arboricultural method statement 
  1. Site Supervision  

This means that the tree survey we provide will link effortlessly to the design team or architect and their plans or considerations.  

During our tree survey, we will assess the trees in the designated area and record the required details of each of them such as species, location, age and life expectancy, physical condition, size, leaf colour, canopy condition, root condition, presence of any ivy or fungus.  

From here we can score each tree with a rating of good, fair or poor and then provide an Arboricultural Impact Assessment recommending which trees need to be removed and suggest what other trees could replace them. All this information helps developers and planners make an informed decision and make plans to ensure the trees on the site can be effectively managed going forward.  

When putting forward an application to the local planning authority for a development, a support arboricultural survey and report is usually vital for an validating of an application. Therefore it’s important to factor a tree survey into your plans.  

Why Choose Essex Tree Brothers?

If you are planning a development or require a tree survey in Essex for any reason, be sure to come to Essex Tree Brothers for quality service, fast response and detailed information. With over ten years in the industry, we have a huge wealth of knowledge about different species of trees and are very familiar with the range of species found in Essex. If you’re looking for local expertise and thorough information, come to us.  

We’re based in the heart of Essex but work across the county and take a great passion in tree maintenance and management. We’re fully qualified with a thorough knowledge of trees and are happy to provide you with a detailed tree survey and advise you throughout your planning and development process.  

Please get in contact now and we’ll provide you quite a quote for a tree survey and carry out the tree survey as soon as we can, reducing any delay to your planning and application process.  

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