Tree Services for The Agricultural Sector

At Essex Tree Brothers, we specialise in providing tree services for the agricultural sector, including carrying out pruning and trimming, planting, disease and pest management, and stump removal. Our tree surgeons are highly experienced in providing agricultural tree services, with years spent working on farms and woodland throughout the region. We’ve built up a fantastic reputation for ourselves, becoming well-known for our professionalism and affordable prices.

Tree pruning and trimming

Regular pruning and trimming of tree branches are essential for maintaining the health, safety and shape of the trees on your land. This service is important for all trees, however, it’s particularly vital for those located in livestock areas to prevent low-hanging branches from posing hazards to animals or interfering with farm equipment. Regular pruning can also help to manage tree diseases and pests by removing affected branches promptly.

Tree planting

Planting trees on agricultural land comes with various benefits. Not only do they act as natural windbreaks, which means they reduce wind speed and protect crops and livestock from strong winds, but they can also improve soil health. This is because tree roots help prevent soil erosion and compaction, achieving better soil structure and fertility. If you require tree planting on your farmland, we can assist. We can assess your land and recommend suitable tree species for your needs.

Tree removal

Sometimes, trees need to be removed on agricultural land. This may be the case if they are casting shade that limits the amount of sunlight penetrating through to crops. Too much shade can impact crop growth. However, removing the trees can allow more sunlight to reach the crops, increasing their yields. Trees may also need to be removed to allow a farm to expand, for example, to increase the space for crop cultivation.

Our tree surgeons can also provide a stump removal service. Stump removal is often crucial on agricultural land since stumps can significantly impact the productivity, efficiency and safety of farming work. Stumps left in a field can obstruct farm machinery, slow down operations and lead to equipment damage.

Hedgerow management

Hedgerows are a common feature of agricultural landscapes, serving as natural boundaries and providing habitats for wildlife. However, without proper management, they become overgrown and start to encroach on neighbouring fields. Our team specialise in hedgerow management, including carrying out pruning, trimming and coppicing to help to maintain them over time.

Emergency response

At Essex Tree Brothers, we’re on hand to provide emergency tree services for the agricultural sector. Storms, heavy winds and other weather-related events can cause branches or even whole trees to fall, potentially causing damage to crops or farming machinery. Rapid response can help to minimise losses and disruption to your operations.

If you’re ready to hire our agricultural sector tree services, get in touch to discuss your requirements. Call us on 07447 610527, email [email protected], or send us a message via the website.

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