Tree Services for Property Estates

At Essex Tree Brothers, we specialise in providing tree services for property estates throughout the Essex area. Whether your estate is a historic manor or a modern residential development, we’re on hand to maintain the trees on your land all year round. We can carry out pruning, planting, and removal of trees of all kinds, completing every tree care task to the highest possible standards. Our comprehensive property estate tree services are tailored to your needs to preserve the health and appearance of your trees and the visual appeal and safety of your estate.

Tree pruning

Our experienced tree surgeons can prune the trees on your estate, helping to enhance their shape, appearance, and health and safety. We can carry out crown thinning, lifting, reductions and pollarding, using the best, most effective methods to achieve exceptional results. We’ll start by assessing each tree’s condition, identifying any dead or diseased branches, weak structures and potential hazards. This will allow us to provide a service that meets the exact needs of your trees.

Tree removal and stump grinding

If any of the trees on your estate are posing a risk to people or property, or they’re in poor health, we may advise that they need to be removed. Our tree surgeons possess the skills and expertise needed to fell trees of all sizes safely and efficiently using state-of-the-art equipment. Once trees have been removed, you may opt to use our stump grinding service, which can eliminate unsightly stumps on your land.

Tree planting

Adding new trees to your estate can be a fantastic way to add beauty and value. A long-term investment, you can expect them to benefit your property for many years to come. At Essex Tree Brothers, we have a great knowledge of different tree species, allowing us to provide you with expert advice on choosing the right trees for your land. We’ll take into account various factors when selecting trees, including the type of soil, climate, and your aesthetic preferences.

Emergency tree care

Our tree services for property estates include emergency assistance, which may be required in the event of a storm or other adverse weather conditions. Storms can cause trees to become unstable or fall, which can cause a variety of problems ranging from injuries to people and damage to buildings or vehicles to blocking access to entryways. Our team can carry out emergency tree care to safely remove damaged or fallen trees on your land quickly and efficiently. A tree emergency can be worrying, but you can rest assured that we’ll be there as soon as we can to assist you.

To find out more about our estate tree services, talk to our team today. You can reach us by phoning 07447 610527 or 01245 955 117, emailing [email protected] or sending a message via the website. We’re on hand to discuss your tree care right now.

Tree Services in Chelmsford, Essex property
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