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Tree Maintenance Services

If you are looking for a company to provide tree maintenance on your land, Essex Tree Brothers are an experienced and friendly family run service who can ensure your tree and hedges are kept in the best condition all year round.

Trees and hedges need regular pruning and maintenance to keep looking neat and avoid becoming overgrown. We recommend enlisting our professional tree maintenance services to ensure this is done in the best way to protect the structural integrity of the tree to allow it to keep in the best condition.

Maintenance and pruning can also require dangerous and heavy machinery; therefore it is important to enlist a professional to carry this out for your own protection. The job of the tree surgeon is among one of the most dangerous in the world, so health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring all our staff are properly trained and kitted out with the appropriate safety equipment to do their job.

The Benefits Of Professional Tree Maintenance

Enlisting a professional tree surgeon to carry out your tree maintenance ensures that your garden or grounds are kept in the best possible condition and provided with the best care to allow them to thrive.

We can provide tree protection and watering services to allow your trees and hedges to thrive which can be particularly important for newly planted trees and hedges adapting to a new environment.

We can advise on the best positioning of new trees and hedges as well as provide advice on species selection, planting and aftercare or provide this service ourselves.

Contact Essex Tree Brothers For Your Tree Maintenance Services

If you require tree maintenance services on your property, please get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to work with you to keep your garden or grounds in the best possible condition and allow your trees, bushes and hedges to thrive.

We can provide regular maintenance on a contractual basis, so you can know your regular tree maintenance is locked in and taken care of for the year. We have a number of clients who opt for this service and are confident in our ability to keep their gardens looking great.

We are a family run company who have been running for over ten years, serving both commercial and domestic clients. In that time we have built a powerful reputation for providing excellent service and expert knowledge and advice.

To receive a quote for our tree maintenance services, call us on 07447 610527 or 01245 955 117 email us at [email protected].

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