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A common pruning technique, a tree crown reduction involves selectively removing branches to control the size of the crown, improving its appearance and making it safer. A more balanced branch structure is created, making the tree look more streamlined. When done properly, a crown reduction doesn’t significantly change the tree’s original shape and structure. At Essex Tree Brothers, we’re highly experienced in carrying out crown reductions in Maldon and the surrounding areas.

We’ve been serving domestic and commercial customers in the town for many years, building a fantastic reputation for our professionalism and reliability. We carry out our work to the very highest standards, using the most effective methods to care for trees of all different sizes and species.

Why are crown reductions carried out?

There are several reasons why your tree might require a crown reduction. Firstly, your tree might have diseased, damaged or dead branches that need to be removed. This is important not just for the health of the tree but to prevent damage to nearby property or injury to people. Crown reductions can also stop the tree from interfering with power lines, increase the growth of fruit on fruit trees, and increase the amount of light that’s able to penetrate the branches of the tree. It can reduce the amount of shade in your garden.

Since crown reduction doesn’t stop a tree from blowing over in heavy winds or storms, it’s not usually recommended for this purpose. If this is what you’re aiming for, you should consider other methods first, such as crown thinning. If the situation is urgent, get in touch so that we can provide emergency tree work.

Can all trees be reduced?

Crown reduction can’t be carried out on all trees. This is because some species, such as oak, cherry and beech, can’t usually tolerate heavy reductions. They may end up dying back if they are pruned too hard. The best candidates for crown reductions are sycamore, willow, ash, willow and maple. These trees usually have no issues with being heavily pruned as long as the correct guidelines are followed.

Who should carry out tree crown reductions?

Crown reductions can cause stress to a tree, which is why it’s essential to hire qualified tree surgeons like Essex Tree Brothers. Highly experienced, we know all the best techniques for reducing tree crowns. How much we’ll cut the tree back will depend on a number of factors, including the species and location of the tree. In general, crown reduction shouldn’t take away more than 30% of the tree’s crown.

Hire crown reduction services in Maldon

If you need crown reduction service in Maldon, get in touch today. Our friendly team are waiting to discuss your requirements with you and arrange your free site visit.

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