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Conducting professional tree surveys

If you need a tree survey carried out on your land, look no further than Essex Tree Brothers. We have been conducting tree surveys in Maldon for many years, with our team serving domestic and commercial clients throughout the area. We can obtain all the information you need about your trees, from their age and species to their size and health. The results of your tree survey will allow you to make key decisions about your trees that are based on the facts.

Tree surveys to British Standard BS5837

At Essex Tree Brothers, we ensure that all tree surveys in Maldon are carried out to British Standard BS5837. This standard is used by planning authorities in order to assess the impact on trees during the design, demolition and construction phases of development. The survey should make certain recommendations to ensure that healthy trees are suitably protected from harm.

Compliant with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

If you’re planning on removing trees so that you can build on the land, you’ll need to ensure that you’re adhering to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This Act ensures that certain species of trees are protected and can’t be cut down. A tree survey can let you know if a tree is protected or if you’re free to fell it.

Some people assume that they can do what they want with the trees on their land, however, this simply isn’t the case. Don’t risk cutting trees down without having a tree survey carried out. Damaging or destroying a tree that’s protected is against the law and could land you a hefty fine of up to £20,000, whether it’s done so on purpose or accidentally.

Maldon tree surveys: what do they involve?

Tree surveys can provide a wealth of information about a tree or trees on your land. A typical survey will normally outline the following:

• All the species of tree on the site and their locations
• Measurements of all trees, including their height and diameter
• The approximate ages of the trees
• The health, condition and life expectancies of the trees
• Recommendations for tree management i.e. whether they should be retained, removed or worked on

Tree surveys in Maldon should be only conducted by qualified tree surgeons. A tree report should clearly present the information relating to the trees on a site, with all of them identified and marked out. A recommendation should be included concerning their retention, removal or any work required, such as pruning. Our team have an expert knowledge of how to conduct tree surveys to the required standards.

Book a tree survey today

For professional tree surveys in Maldon, get in touch with Essex Tree Brothers. We’ve been conducting tree surveys for many years, building an excellent reputation for our service. To arrange a tree survey or get a quote, call us on 07447 610527 or 01245 955 117. You can also reach us by sending us a message via the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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