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Case Study: Commercial Tree Felling in Colchester

Yet Another Essex Tree Brothers Success Story!

Here at Essex Tree Brothers, we’re used to taking on projects of all scales and complexities. So, when we were called upon to fell trees on a commercial site in Colchester, we were ready to mount a swift response. Here’s everything you need to know about the job!

Before the Project

There are many reasons why trees need to be felled on a commercial site. Sometimes they pose a risk to those working on the site, and sometimes they stand in the way of future development. What we do is talk to our clients about the plans for the site, and what the best possible solution will be.

Before work began on this particular project, we conducted a thorough assessment of the site and the trees that the client wanted us to fell. This is so we could identify any risks – whether that would be to our team or those using the site. This informed our next step: putting together a strategy. Our priority was to fell the poplar trees while minimising impact on the surroundings as much as possible.

Carrying Out the Felling

With the site clear and our team fully briefed on how the job was to be carried out, work could begin. Our tree surgeons used the Worky-Quad and other specialist machinery to fell the poplar trees. We took great care to control the direction of the trees’ descent to avoid any hazards. We’ve got a wealth of experience working with poplar trees, and thanks to our assessment we knew exactly what to do.

Thanks to our commitment to project coordination and timely execution, the project was completed well within the timeframe we agreed with the client. Following the successful completion of the felling, we carried out another inspection of the site with the client. This is so we could talk them through the finished result and be sure that they were happy with the work we carried out.

A Note on Using Equipment Safely

As we mentioned, this job required the use of advanced equipment including the Worky-Quad. This allowed our team to overcome any access challenges and ensured that the job could be completed with ease. However, we know that working with equipment like this is no mean feat. That’s why we made sure that stringent safety protocols were followed throughout the project.

We always work in full compliance with all safety recommendations and regulations – which is why clients in Colchester and beyond hire us with peace of mind.

The End Result

As you can see, we removed the trees and left the site ready for the client to use. They were very impressed with the efforts of our team, and our hard work and expertise meant that the job was completed with no delays.

If you want to find out more about this job or any other similar commercial tree surgery we’ve completed in Colchester, then please do get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you!

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