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Commercial Tree Surgery: What’s Involved?

What Is Tree Surgery?

Tree surgery is the professional management and study of trees, bushes and plants. We provide a range of commercial tree surgery services such as crown reduction, stump grinding, tree felling, pruning, planting and general maintenance.

When it comes to maintaining trees, bushes or plants on your land, it is always worth enlisting the services of a professional tree surgeon as they have the professional training and experience to work in a safe and considered way and ensure the health of your trees and the protection of your property and the general public.

Tree surgeons study for years to gain the knowledge of all kinds of horticulture and understand how best to maintain it, diagnose any tree diseases and operate at height with dangerous machinery.

What Services Are Involved in Commercial Tree Surgery?

Essex Tree Brothers can provide a range of commercial tree services to help maintain your grounds – whatever your business we can help you keep your grounds maintained. From stately homes to beer gardens and outdoor seating, we can help you keep on top of your gardening and ensure your trees are in a safe condition.

We can also provide our services for the public sector such as hospitals, local councils and schools to keep your grounds in the best and safest condition.

Our services are available on a one off, as and when or contractual basis, whatever works best for you. Our services include pruning to keep your hedges and trees neat and manageable, crown reduction to help reduce height on your tree without damaging it, tree felling to remove trees from an area or remove a dangerous tree and stump grinding to remove the remaining tree stump from the ground. We can also help advise and plant new trees and hedges and advise on which species is most suitable for your space.

Why Consider Commercial Tree Surgery?

Many people are tempted to attempt tree maintenance by themselves, but it can be a dangerous job as it often involves working at height and with dangerous and heavy machinery. As a business or public sector authority in a public place and subject to public liability it is highly advisable to enlist the services of professional tree surgeons to ensure tree maintenance can be carried out in a safe and considered way.

Our tree surgeons use all the necessary equipment and manage the fall of a tree or larger branches when crowning, so everything is carefully managed runs smoothly. Our fast and professional service will ensure we are minimally disruptive, and we can work around your schedule – get in contact with us to discuss your needs and find out how we can help you – we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.

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