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Do You Need Permission to Fell a Tree?

Your Questions Answered

Trees add so much to any outdoor space, but sometimes there will come a time when one needs to be removed. We’re often asked if permission is needed to fell a tree, and we thought we’d put together this handy guide to tree felling and how our team can help you.

When Permission Is Not Required

In general, if you own the property where the tree stands, you don’t need permission to fell it. This is only the case if it isn’t subject to specific restrictions, which can include trees protected by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or those located in a Conservation Area. Additionally, renters must obtain permission from their landlords before removing trees.

Public Areas

When it comes to a tree being felled outside of a private garden, a felling licence is usually required. If the tree(s) amount to 5 cubic metres of timber by volume, it is an offence to fell without one in most cases. To obtain a tree felling licence, you will need to get in touch with your local authority, and they will be able to discuss any restrictions within the licence with you. Don’t skip this step, as you’ll be breaking the law without one!

Liability Concerns

You need to remember that any injuries or damages resulting from tree works or felling are your responsibility. For instance, should the tree fall unexpectedly onto a neighbouring structure like a shed, you would be held liable for any repairs. That’s why working with a professional tree surgeon is so essential, as they will be able to ensure safety throughout the procedure.

Neighbour Disputes and Overhanging Branches

Your neighbours can trim overhanging branches up to the boundary line without seeking your approval; however, the removed portions still belong to you. Therefore, proper disposal remains your obligation. If you are constantly having to deal with complaints from your neighbours and are having to dispose of branches, it may be time to remove the tree.

The Benefits of Our Professional Tree Felling Services

While cutting down a tree might seem straightforward, it’s actually a very complex and potentially dangerous process. Here are some of the advantages of our services:

  • Safety Measures: Tree felling poses significant risks, especially when dealing with large specimens or those situated near structures. By entrusting us with the task, you guarantee adherence to all UK regulations and safety standards.
  • Equipment & Resources: Our team uses specialist tools that are designed explicitly for safe and efficient tree removal. We will also handle waste management post-felling, leaving no mess behind.
  • Insurance Coverage: Accidents can sometimes occur, but you can rest assured that we are fully insured, protecting both parties in the case of any unforeseen incidents.
  • Legal Compliance: Navigating red tape can be a nightmare. You can count on our experience to navigate all the paperwork surrounding TPOs, Conservation Areas and other regulations seamlessly.

We’re Here to Help

Deciding to fell a tree shouldn’t be taken lightly, and our team are on hand to do the hard work for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today, and we’ll take it from there.

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