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Does a crown reduction encourage growth?

Crown reduction is one of the most common pruning techniques carried out by our tree surgeons. Not only can it help to enhance the appearance of the tree and improve safety, but it can also encourage new growth. Read on to find out how crown reductions can help the trees on your land grow stronger and healthier.

Encourage growth in a declining tree

A crown reduction can be an effective way to encourage new growth in a declining tree. Cutting the branches shorter to decrease the size of the canopy sends a strong signal to stimulate growth. The branches are only cut to a certain extent to ensure that they heal quickly and re-grow properly to form a new crown. A crown reduction also allows more light and nutrients to reach the leaves, helping the remaining branches to grow more healthily.

Removing dead, diseased or damaged branches

Crown reduction involves the removal of dead, diseased or damaged branches and foliage. The disease could have taken hold due to them becoming infected by fungal growth or pests. If so, you may notice that they have become discoloured or decayed. They might also have become damaged due to bad weather. Removing the affected branches makes way for new, healthier branches to grow. It can also prevent diseases and pests from spreading further into the tree. As a result, the tree can heal more effectively and efficiently and making it less likely that it will spread to other neighbouring trees.

Prevent the growth of fungus

A crown reduction can also prevent fungus from growing on your tree in the first place. Reducing the crown and trimming the interior limbs improves the circulation of air throughout the tree. This improved airflow helps to reduce the amount of moisture affecting the tree, making it much less appealing for fungal growth. Fungal growth can be deadly for a tree since it can break down its structural integrity, leading it to quite literally fall apart.

Specialist pruning services

At Essex Tree Brothers, we provide specialist pruning services to our domestic and commercial customers throughout the area. Crown reduction is just one of the pruning techniques our tree surgeons can perform. We can also carry out crown lifting, crown thinning and pollarding, using the best methods to achieve exceptional results every time.

Whether you need one tree pruning or several of them, we’re on hand to assist. We can handle jobs of all sizes and complexities. Pruning a tree doesn’t just help it to grow stronger and healthier but it can also make it safer and improve its appearance dramatically. Hire our experienced tree surgeons to perform regular pruning on the trees on your land.

To find out more about crown reductions and the other key pruning techniques carried out by our local tree surgeons, get in touch with our team today. You can reach us by calling 07429970077 or 01245 955117, emailing [email protected] or sending us a message via the website.

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