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Essex Tree Brothers are CHAS accredited!

While everyone else is looking ahead to the start of the new year, we’re throwing it back to 2022 for one more exciting announcement – we have been formally recognised in the industry as being CHAS accredited!

Keep reading for more detail on what this means for us and for you, our clients – or give us a virtual pat on the back and head off for some festive activities. It’s up to you! Either way though, this accreditation and recognition is going to do wonders for our business in 2023!

What does CHAS accredited mean?

CHAS accreditation acknowledges our competency in relation to health and safety and tells both our industry peers and clients that we are working within the boundaries laid out by health and safety standards in the UK.

In our contracting sector in particular, health and safety forms a major part of our ability to work with trees – providing clients with assurance that we know what we are doing and ensuring that our team feel confident and capable with everything that they do. Most of all, being CHAS accredited inspires us to continue doing a good job for our Essex customers near and far – delivering high standards, safely and efficiently.

What areas of the business are covered by CHAS accreditation?

With a focus on health and safety, it follows that CHAS accreditation is concerned with the following:

  • Our team, namely their skillset, training opportunities, and individual focus on retaining a safe working environment
  • Our working processes, including the way we work as a team, the briefing and debriefing processes, and how we discuss, approach, and air concerns
  • Our equipment, including both cutting and climbing equipment

All of this is designed to lower the risk of potential harm to both ourselves and to the public and clients we surround ourselves with on a daily basis.

How does CHAS accreditation affect our work and business?

To be honest, it doesn’t! Health and safety has always been of the utmost concern to us here at Essex Tree Brothers – this accreditation certificate simply ensures that our clients and peers know it as well as we do!

The accreditation process is, however, something we have to consider and apply for on an annual basis. What this means is that every year, we will revisit the health and safety measures we have in place and will check in with the team to ensure that everyone is aware of the compliance measures and that every piece of equipment used is fully serviced and safe to use.

Finally, this accreditation demonstrates to our customers across Essex that your trees and outside spaces are safe in our hands – with our continuing focus on high standards and excellent results driving us into the new year and beyond.

For more information on what this accreditation means or to discuss your own project with Essex Tree Brothers, reach out to us directly today.

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