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Essex Tree Brothers is a tree surgery company based in Chelmsford, but they cover the whole Essex region. It is owned and run by brothers, Freddie and George Baldry. Tree surgery is a very specialised industry and you need someone you can trust, and who knows what they’re doing. It may surprise you, but there are many regulations surrounding the removal of trees. They could be protected by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order). This could land the client and business in trouble if it is not checked.

Who are the Essex Tree Brothers?

Freddie and George are young, hardworking and passionate about the industry that they work in. They have over eight years experience between them and have the best qualifications to do the work professionally and efficiently. Behind every new business, there’s a story about how the business was born and the intentions for it going forward. 

Freddie first become embroiled in the tree surgery business over eight years ago. His family moved to a rural part of Essex (close to Burnham-on-Crouch) and he had just left school with no real direction or thoughts to what he wanted to do long term. As with most rural villages, the friendly locals introduced themselves to the family and offered work to the teenage boys, should they need it. Freddie jumped at the opportunity and started doing some weekend work, starting pretty much immediately after the offer. He found that he had an immense liking for the job and watched the ‘lead climber’ dismantle and prune trees. 

Essex Tree Brothers. Tree surgeons in Essex. Freddie and George Baldry.

Wanting more.

Although Freddie loved the work, he wanted more. He wanted to be the one doing the climbing so he made the decision to move to a new company where he was given the opportunity to learn how to do so and in turn, gain his qualifications. Fast forward to a year later and quicker than normal, Freddie was out doing most of the climbing, simultaneously, gaining a good reputation and was then approached by another local company to go and run their tree team. 

At this stage of Freddie’s career, George had just started his apprenticeship at Capel Manor, where Freddie was currently working, and they began working together daily and running the team. It was during their time here that they decided to branch out and go alone. Through hard work and perseverance, they eventually saved enough money between them to buy a truck chipper and have some money to spend on branding and marketing. Thus, Essex Tree Brothers was born and they both became fully-fledged Essex Tree Surgeons.

If you want Essex Tree Brothers to give you a quote for your garden, just give them a call.

Essex Tree Brothers - Our Story
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