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Everything You Need to Know About Vegetation Management

What is Vegetation Management?

If left to grow to its own devices, vegetation can soon get out of hand and unmanageable or dangerous, so it is important to keep on top of it. For example, verges on roads need to be managed to provide a clear eyeline to see when cars are coming and to not infringe into the road and brush against cars. Likewise vegetation by railway lines also needs to be managed for similar reasons, to make a clear path to see, protect the railway line and keeping the vegetation manageable.

For industries such as road maintenance, railways, power lines, airport and public open spaces, this can be vital for the health and safety of users and employees and helps prevent bigger problems down the line. In other industries, this might be for more aesthetic reasons such as at a stately home, outdoor dining or hotel grounds.

Vegetation management can be tailored to your needs and requirements – be that regular pruning, removing dead and dying trees or managing new tree and shrub planting.

Why Should I Consider Vegetation Management?

Vegetation management is ideal for both domestic and commercial clients and helps take the stress out of keeping your grounds manageable and looking their best. By enlisting our vegetation management on a contractual basis, you can rest assured that your trees, shrubs and plants are kept in the best condition and can flourish healthily and look perfect.

If ongoing vegetation management is essential for your industry, then Essex Tree Brothers are the perfect choice for your needs. Our professional team of tree surgeons are on hand to provide you with the very best service promptly and professionally.

Alternatively, we can work with you on an adhoc or emergency basis, for example if you need help felling or removing a tree taken out by a storm that is causing a risk to others or an obstruction.

Vegetation Management Essex

If you need vegetation management essex, call Essex Tree Brothers and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs. We have over ten years of experience in the industry and are a family run business that are proud to deliver high quality service and expert knowledge and advice when it comes to your vegetation management.

We can provide vegetation management for a whole range of industries such as public sector, hospitality and travel. Our wide range of services mean we can work on a wide range of projects, and we are always willing to take on a challenge!

We can also provide woodland and forestry management as well as environment work if you need to complement our vegetation management, so we can provide a full all round service for you. Take a look through our gallery to see examples of our work and the transformative work we have done across the county.

Forestry Management Essex
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