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Expert Hedge Row Height Reduction in West Bergholt

Our client, a property owner in West Bergholt, reached out to us at Essex Tree Brothers for professional assistance to prevent their unruly hedge row from growing to an unmanageable height, which could potentially impact the aesthetics of their property and neighbouring spaces. Ollie and Lucy were tasked with reducing the height of the hedge row to bring it to a more manageable level.

Reducing the height of the hedge row

The first step we took was to conduct an on-site assessment of the hedge row’s current condition, including its species, growth pattern, health, and overall structure. This allowed us to determine the appropriate height to which the hedge should be trimmed.

Then, with expert precision, our team meticulously cut the hedge row, using a variety of tools and the most effective techniques to bring it to the required height. Ollie & Lucy achieved a balanced and uniform hedge row reduction, enhancing the hedge’s appearance without compromising its overall health.

Without regular trimming, a hedge row can become overgrown and lose its desired shape. Not only can it become uneven, with some parts growing taller than others, resulting in an untidy appearance, but structural issues can develop, leading to branch breakage or uprooting.

Proper disposal of trimmings

Once the trimming was complete, we made sure we gathered and disposed of the trimmings properly according to local regulations. This prevented unsightly debris from accumulating on the property, enhancing the visual appeal of the outdoor space.

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