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How Do I Know If My Tree Needs to Be Felled or Cut Back?

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Even the most low-maintenance trees need some attention sometimes, and understanding whether a tree needs to be felled or simply cut back is vital. We are a trusted provider of tree felling and cutting services, and are here to help you make the right decision. Here’s everything you need to know.

Signs That Your Tree Needs Felling

Severe Structural Damage

A tree with severe structural damage is often a candidate for felling. This damage can include major splits or cracks in the trunk or extensive root damage. A tree that is leaning significantly will often need to be felled. There are a wide range of potential causes of these issues, and we will identify the root of the problem before we proceed with felling.

Extensive Disease or Decay

When a tree is extensively diseased or decayed, felling may be necessary. Signs of this include the presence of mushrooms or fungi, especially at the base of the tree. In terms of the trunk; if it is hollow, the tree’s strength is significantly reduced. Widespread dieback is a sign that a tree may not be able to recover either.

Safety Hazards

Safety is paramount, and trees growing too close to buildings, roads, or power lines can become hazardous. Trees that are severely damaged by storms often pose immediate risks too. If there is a chance that a tree could pose any kind of risk to people or property, the best course of action is usually felling.

When a Tree Can Be Cut Back

Overgrown Branches

Cutting back is appropriate for trees that have overgrown branches. Branches growing too close to structures should be pruned back, and a dense canopy can be thinned out to reduce wind resistance and promote air circulation. There’s no need to cut the tree down entirely in these scenarios, and we’ll take a tailored approach.

Minor Health Issues

Trees with minor health issues often benefit from targeted pruning rather than complete removal. Removing affected branches can prevent the spread of disease and improve overall health. Pest infestations can also be helped with pruning as well. We will remove the affected areas and apply treatment to stop the pests in their tracks.

Appearance and Integrity

Pruning can enhance both the visual appeal and structural integrity of a tree. Regular pruning helps maintain an attractive shape and prevents branches from becoming too heavy. Thinning the canopy also allows more light and air to penetrate, benefiting the tree and surrounding plants. All trees should be pruned yearly.

Why It’s Important to Call Us

Tree surgeons have the expertise to assess the health and stability of your trees accurately. We can determine whether a tree needs to be felled or if cutting back will suffice, exploring all avenues to make sure that the right solution is chosen. Whether felling or cutting back is the action we decide on, we have the tools and experience to handle the job with ease. You can count on us to do it safely too, minimising any risk to people or property. So why not give us a call today?

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