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How Does The Crown Reduction Process Work?

What Is Crown Reduction?

Tree crown reduction is a method of reducing the height and width of a tree by cutting it back to its lateral branch. As well as reducing the size of the tree and helping it become more balanced, it also helps it maintain the health of the tree and reduce the risk of weaker branches becoming dangerous or snapping in severe weather.

Crown reduction is recommended rather than ‘topping off’ a tree, as simply cutting off the top of the tree will leave the trunk exposed and weaken the structure of the tree, which can lead to further issues.

What Is Crown Reduction Used For?

Crown reduction can be used for a number of reasons such as helping to reduce mechanical stress on branches or the whole tree that can be affected in severe weather and become dangerous. This also helps to keep the tree safe and suitable for its environment, helping to prevent light loss or infringing into the structure of your home or a neighbour’s garden.

Our team of professional tree surgeons can provide crown reductions in Essex which help to maintain the health of your tree. It is always recommended to enlist an experienced tree surgeon to carry out this work, as they will know exactly where to prune the tree up to, so it is able to stay in the best possible health and flourish.

Without due care and attention, the tree could become damaged and vulnerable to die back or decay. Thankfully, we have over ten years of experience, so know the best way to reduce your tree without damaging it.

What Are The Benefits Of Crown Reductions

If you are struggling to get decent light into your garden due to your trees, then crown reduction is a good way to help light flow into your garden without removing the tree.

The crown of a tree is from where the branches start; depending on the type of tree you have, the amount of crown reduction will differ, as different species can tolerate different levels of cutting. With our experience, we will be able to identify how much of a reduction the tree can take so it is not damaged and can continue to grow as naturally as possible.

If your tree is protected by a Tree Protection Order, while you may not be able to remove it, you may be able to apply to have a crown reduction. You will need to apply to the local council, and they may specify how much of the tree can be reduced. We are happy to assist you with this.

If you are interested in a crown reduction or want to see what your options are for a tree that is causing obstruction in your garden, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can provide crown reductions in Essex as well as other tree surgery and maintenance services.

How Does The Crown Reduction Process Work
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