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How To Expertly Maintain Your Garden During the Summer

Tips from Professional Tree Surgeons

Now that summer is here, we can truly enjoy our gardens to their fullest and create our very own paradise to soak up the sun and enjoy some much needed relaxation. With many of us unable to go on holiday this year, our garden can be the next best thing when the weather is on our side.

So how can you keep your garden looking its best during the changeable British weather? From heatwaves to torrential rain, our gardens go through a lot during the summer months.

Keep Those Plants Hydrated

To keep your gardens looking healthy, especially during heatwaves or periods of drought, be sure to pay close attention to your plants, hedges and grass and keep them watered. Invest in a water butt to collect rainwater you can use to water your garden to reduce water usage and allow you to keep the garden healthy in periods of drought or in the event of a hosepipe ban. If you do not have time to water daily, think about installing a sprinkler system.

The best time to water your plants is in the morning or after sunset as watering plants in the heat will cause the water to evaporate through the leaves too quickly.

Smart Grass Cutting

With the alternating of sun and rain, many of us have seen our grass shoot up so far this summer, so keeping on top of it is essential for keeping your garden looking neat and tidy. When cutting the grass, you should consider raising the blades and setting your mowing height higher to reduce the stress to your grass, keeping it moist and looking luscious. The best time to mow your lawn is in the morning between 8am and 10am as this gives the grass time to heal by the evening and avoids grass stress in the midday sun.

Prune Your Hedges and Trees

Following your spring pruning, August is the best time to tidy up and prune your hedges ahead of autumn when the colder weather prevents growth. This will help keep your hedges looking neat and tidy for the tail end of the summer. If you have flowering bushes, deadhead any dying flowers to encourage more growth and prolong the flowering to keep your garden looking pretty.

If you spot any dying, dead or damaged branches, these should be pruned as and when you find them to keep the tree healthy and prevent any falling branches causing injury.

Need Help In The Garden? Enlist Our Essex Tree Services

If you need some extra help in the garden or need an expert tree surgeon to maintain your trees, then get in touch with Essex Tree Brothers for all your Essex tree services from pruning to felling, crown reduction, tree stump removal and helping to select and plant new trees and hedges – we can help transform your garden into a paradise.

Call us now to discuss your needs, we will be happy to help and advise you and help maintain or makeover your garden, so you can fully enjoy it this summer.

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