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How to Prepare Your Garden for The Colder Months

A Spring Clean Before Spring!

Winter is the perfect time to tidy up your garden and prepare it for the spring growing season, while not much grows during the winter months and many plants are dormant – you can take measures to ensure your garden grows back.

Autumn will leave a lot of garden debris across your garden such as fallen leaves, forgotten vegetables and dying plants. Winter is the perfect opportunity for pruning and the ideal season for the most growth. Compost your cuttings, old vegetables and leaves ready for the sewing season.

It’s also a great time to get round to those jobs you’ve been putting off such as cleaning your paving, de-weeding, repairing fences, maintain compost bins and making plans for spring.

Plant Trees

Winter is the perfect time to plant bare-rooted trees as long as the soil is not frozen. Anytime between November and March is best. It’s also a good time to prune fruit trees, remove dead or rubbing branches and perform crown reduction. Essex Tree Brothers can provide a range of Essex tree services to help keep your garden looking great and keep your trees in the best shape.

Cover Woodland Plants

Any newly planted plants or frost-sensitive plants should be covered for the winter months with fleece or enviromesh, as this will help keep the roots dry and help it survive during the winter. Be sure to do your research on the plants in your garden to know how best to see different species through the winter months or ask an expert like us!

Look After the Wildlife

One of the best things about having a wild and welcoming garden is the wildlife it attracts such as birds, squirrels, hedgehogs and more. Help wildlife by creating wildlife shelters and hanging bird feeders so they can get through the winter months when food is hard to come by. There are hundreds of species of birds in the UK so it could provide a prime opportunity for bird watching.

Research Your Seasonal Veg

If you grow your own or would like to, do some research about seasonal veg and see what you can grow during the winter months in your veg patch – winter veg such as leeks, carrots, brussel sprouts and parsnips are ready for harvest during the winter months.

Hire Professionals to Help Manage Your Garden

If you need a helping hand with preparing your garden during winter months such as pruning, crown reduction and tree felling then consider hiring a professional tree surgeon such as Essex Tree Brothers. We provide a range of Essex tree services including tree planting, pruning and help with deciding on the best species for your garden.

Give us a call to discuss your needs and get your garden looking great for spring.

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