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Hurricane causes Tree Surgeon a nightmare

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Here at Essex Tree Brothers we like to pay homage to other surgeons who are a doing good around the world. In this article we would like to talk about David McCann who is a tree surgeon based in Burmuda.

Being based in Bermuda David has to deal with many situations that ourselves being in the UK do not. After a major storm like hurricane Humberto its people like David that have to risk their lives to help others.

International storms and hurricanes cause immeasurable damage and one wrong move and a trapped tree branch could come loose and crush you, or in some circumstances the actual tree itself would shift and move causing potential fatal injuries. If all of this was not enough David also has live electrical wires to look out for and other water hazards, and as we all know Water and Electricity do not mix well. When it comes to serious weather damage or acts of God it is David who receives the call, to be honest we do not envy him at all, however love and respect the amazing work he is doing.

Its great to see people like David who are really giving us tree surgeons a good name. From everyone at Essex Tree Surgeons we would like to wish David all the best for the future.



Hurricane causes Tree Surgeon a nightmare
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