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Safe and Efficient Oak Tree Removal

Essex Tree Brothers were contacted by a customer who was dealing with a challenging situation on their property. A dead Oak tree was leaning precariously over a section of their decking, presenting a serious safety concern. They enlisted us to safely remove the tree and eliminate the potential danger it posed.

Felling the tree wasn’t simple for two reasons. Firstly, it had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer safe to climb for removal. Secondly, the tree’s position, leaning toward the decking, meant that there were further concerns about safety. Our customer needed a solution that would ensure the tree’s safe removal while protecting their property.

Traditional climbing methods were unsuitable

After conducting a thorough assessment of the tree and identifying the risks involved in removing it using traditional climbing methods, we decided to use a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) to enable us to access the tree in a safe and controlled manner. The MEWP, which was sourced from Blake Tree Care, allowed our team to carefully position themselves for the tree removal process.

Ensuring safety and minimising damage

Our team of tree surgeons were able to successfully remove the dead Oak tree. The use of the MEWP ensured the safety of our team and minimised the risk of damage to the client’s decking and property.

A dead oak tree is prone to falling, particularly during storms or strong winds. Known for its size and weight, it poses a significant risk if it collapses. By removing the tree from our customer’s property, we helped to prevent potential injuries to people, damage to property, and harm to nearby structures.

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