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“If a Tree Is On My Land, I Can Cut It Down”

You may think if you own your home, you have the right to do what you want to anything on your land. But just like there is planning permission for some home improvements, you also need to consider your local planning authority when it comes to trees as well.

A Tree Protection Order is put in place by your local government authority to protect specific species and prohibits the cutting down, topping off, lopping, uprooting or wilful damage or destruction of that tree. You can check if your tree has a TPO by visiting your local government website or contacting their planning department.

Anybody Can Plant a Tree”

While of course you can plant a tree if you want to, it does require some knowledge and research. To guarantee your tree will be healthy and thrive, you need to pick the right tree and right location for it.

Do your research to look up proper planting techniques and care such as structural pruning as your new tree grows. Your tree should be planted no deeper than the top of the root ball, planting as deep as possible in another myth.

As tree surgeons in Essex, we can provide tree planting and selection to help you get the most of your new tree or trees and give them the best chance of doing well.

“Anybody Can Cut Down a Tree”

Just like planting a tree requires some expert knowledge and care, so does cutting one down. While it may seem easy enough to cut down a tree, there are many unpredictable factors in force such as predicting where the tree will fall and how to control that fall.

At Essex Tree Brothers, we have cut down thousands of trees and have the qualifications and knowledge to manage this safely. When felling a tree, it needs to be well managed to prevent damage or danger to your home, your neighbours or other people.

Consider employing a qualified tree surgeon if you are looking to remove tree(s) – as well as safely cutting down your tree, they will usually take it away or chip it down to mulch for you there and then at no extra cost.

“Topping Off My Tree is A Great Way To Reduce Height”

If you feel your tree is too tall or is blocking light, do not be tempted to top it off and do not trust any supposed tree surgeon willing to top off your tree. It is one of the worst things you can do to a tree and will significantly weaken it and cause stress to the tree. Instead, it is best to opt for a crown reduction which consists of cutting back the tree to the lateral branch to reduce size without exposing the tree and weakening its trunk.

Trees Are Low Maintenance”

You may think that because trees grow successfully in the wild, they do not need any maintenance, but when it comes to managing a tree in an urban environment, it is up against a number of challenges. For example, unlike in the wild they have limited rooting areas, are exposed to pollution, and can content with dry or poorly compacted soil or asphalt concrete.

Maintenance is essential to ensuring your tree flourishes rather than fails.

If you would like help with tree maintenance, planting, felling, crown reduction or anything else then please get in contact with Essex Tree Brothers and we will be more than happy to provide our tree surgeons in Essex to help you.



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