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The Ultimate Guide To Stump Grinding

Ever wondered what you should do with tree stumps when trees are cut or fall down? If you want to remove an obstructive stump to open up an area or make your garden look tidier, there are ways these stumps and their strong roots can be removed.

How Can You Effectively Remove a Stump?

One of the most effective ways to remove stumps is by asking the tree surgeon to provide stump removal when they fell trees, but for any number of reasons, you might choose to have this done at a later date, have had a tree fall, or have cut down a tree yourself and now are faced with a tree stump you wish to remove.

When Is A Good Time To Have Them Removed?

Tree stumps can be removed at any time, whether they’re newly cut or are dead stumps that have sat there for years. It is usually advised that you hire a professional to carry out stump grinding Essex as it involves dangerous and heavy machinery.

What Is Used To Remove A Tree Stump?

Stump grinders mechanically grind out the main root plate. This is one of the best ways to remove most of the surface root, grinding it into a fine sawdust. Some roots may remain underground, but should rot away in time without causing any disruption.

This sawdust can be used to fill the hole that is left or used as mulch in your garden. Essex Tree Brothers will give you this option or can take it away free of charge. If you are planning to replant in this area, it’s best not to fill the hole with sawdust and instead fill it with topsoil.

Depending on the area and what you want to do with the space, you may have a different preference to the depth you would like the stump ground to. Shallow grinding of say 20-25cm is ideal for laying turf, but should you wish to replant or carry out landscaping you may want to ask for deeper grinding of up to a foot in depth.

Why Would You Want To Remove A Tree Stump?

There are various reasons as to why you may want to remove a tree stump; the most obvious is for aesthetics, as this can look untidy or may get in the way of garden landscaping plans you have. There can also be the issue of suckering, when new shoots arise from the trunk and roots or the stumps become an ideal environment for root diseases such as honey fungus.

Whatever your plans for your garden, Essex Tree Brothers can provide stump grinding in Essex to help remove tree stumps left from tree felling or fallen tree to help minimise hazards, allow you to landscape your garden or lay new turf. We’re happy to provide our advice and expertise. We have many years of experience in operating a stump grinder to ensure this can be done safely and carefully to provide minimal damage to your garden.

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Essex Tree Brothers are a family run business who have over ten years of experience in tree surgery, helping to transform gardens for the better. If you’re looking for expert advice, knowledge and friendly service, be sure to give us a call or check out our blog for more tips and advice.

The Ultimate Guide To Stump Grinding
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