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The Ultimate Guide to Tree Surveys

What is a Tree Survey and Why Would I Need One?

A tree survey is performed on either private or public landscapes to find out useful information about trees. This allows the landowners to make key decisions about what to do with the trees, including whether or not to remove them. Tree surgeons who carry out the tree surveys usually work in accordance with the British Standard BS5837.
A tree survey contains a wide range of important details. The survey lets you find out:

• The number of trees
• Reference numbers for the trees
• Tree species
• Tree age
• Tree life expectancy
• Tree height (m)
• Tree diameter (cm)
• The crown radii (m)
• The health of the tree and its structural/physiological condition
• Recommendations for tree management

Tree surgeons are highly experienced in carrying out tree surveys, ensuring they know how to measure trees accurately and determine the health and condition of the trees.

When is a Tree Survey Required?

There are many reasons why you might need a tree survey in Essex. One of the most common reasons is that you want to change a property or landscape. You may want to build on land or near to some trees. A tree survey is necessary because the area might have species of trees that need protecting. You’ll need to ensure that you’re complying with the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, which is there to stop protected trees from being felled either intentionally or by accident.

If you are planning on building on the land, a tree survey can be useful for generating accurate designs on a computer. Draft designs of a property are far more realistic when a survey has been carried out. Since some trees can add value to a property, a tree survey is useful for determining which of them to preserve. The trees that are kept can be incorporated into the design, making sure they fit nicely into the overall landscape.

Another reason why a survey might be necessary is to identify any hazards on a property. A tree that’s diseased could fall at any time, particularly during periods of bad weather. Fungal decay can impact a tree’s structural stability, making it very dangerous indeed. The survey will be able to identify these trees, with the tree surgeon usually advising that they are removed to minimise risk.

Who Can Carry Out a Tree Survey?

If you need a tree survey, make sure you hire a fully trained qualified tree surgeon. At Essex Tree Brothers, we’ve been carrying out tree surveys for many years, giving us a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. We can present the information from the survey in a simple manner, making sure it’s easy for everyone to understand. We’ll tag all the trees with unique tags and numbers. It’s essential that building work doesn’t commence on the land until a professional tree survey has been carried out.

For more information on booking a professional tree survey near you, get in touch with us today.

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