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Top 5 New Tools To Assist in Tree Work

1. Mechanised Machinery

Mechanised machinery helps to make the job of a tree surgeon much easier and safer, allowing for much more control. Machinery such as diggers and skid-steer loaders are labour-saving tools that help make jobs such as moving branches and wood chippings much easier and quicker, so the job can be completed faster.

Skid-steer loaders are small rigid form engine powered machines that feature lift arms which can be attached to a number of different tools and attachments. This makes them adaptable for a range of jobs such as moving wood. Due to their small size, they can easily be used in most settings.

Cranes can be used in situations where there may not be enough room to dismantle a tree through using rigging techniques and when the ground needs to remain untouched. The benefit of using a crane in tree surgery are spending less time climbing the tree, reduced use of the chainsaw in the tree as larger pieces can be removed at a time and better safety for ground staff as each piece is removed in a controlled way.

2. Climbing Aids

As we all know, the work of a tree surgeon involves a lot of work at height, so climbing aids can help make ascending and descending easier, quicker and safer. A harness is, of course, a vital piece of equipment for a tree surgeon, with loops, rings and belts to withstand the surgeon’s weight. These will usually have a wide waist belt which is rigid to provide the most support.

Rigging equipment helps to lower down larger branches and move heavy equipment up and down the tree, saving the time in going up and down the tree.

In some cases, cranes or cherry pickers may be used to reach high levels on the tree or trees in difficult to reach places.

3. Big Chippers

A big woodchipper helps to make life much easier, helping to reduce time spent processing branches and logs on site, helping to reduce workload. By chipping the wood as you go, you reduce the load/space taken by the removed branches you remove off site or can provide to the client as mulch for their garden.

4. Stump Grinder

Once the tree is felled, you are left with the stump to remove which can be a stubborn and time consuming job. A stump grinder makes stump removal much quicker and easier, grinding down the roots and stump into sawdust which can be used to fill the remaining hole or as mulch elsewhere in the garden or removed from site.

This is an excellent piece of machinery to make stump remove a much quicker and easier job and a must for tree surgeons in Essex.

5. Electric Secateurs

Like many of these suggestions, if you can automate something to make your job quicker and easier, then do it. Fatigue is one of the biggest causes of accidents so finding ways to reduce this is important. Electric pruning shears can help you effortlessly cut through branches as you prune, helping to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Top 5 New Tools To Assist in Tree Work
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