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Thinking of cutting down a tree or two? Think again. It’s often not as easy as just making the decision to get rid of one. There have been serious cases of companies and home/ land owners being fined for not doing their research and going ahead with the demolition of trees that were in the garden or on their land. As a result, the companies reputation was damaged and Essex Tree Brothers work diligently to ensure this does not happen. After all, we like to think you won’t find a better tree surgeon in Essex!

Is your tree protected by a TPO?

You will need to obtain permission from your local planning authority or council to completely remove a tree or trees. This is due to the fact they may be protected by a ‘Tree Preservation Order’ (TPO). This means specific trees or particular woodland are protected against deliberate damage, destruction or removal – particularly if they’re important for the amenity of the area. Here at Essex Tree Brothers, we work with integrity and honesty, and will therefore advise you in the right way. If your tree(s) is protected with a TPO, we will not carry out the work as it would be damaging for both parties. We’re passionate about maintaining land, not destroying it just for the sake of getting money out of our customers. 

Essex is a county that has plenty of woodland and greenery – something that isn’t for everyone. However, there are better ways of managing the situation, rather than just tearing them down. Essex Tree Brothers want to make tree surgery in Essex simple and accessible to everyone. As a young, hardworking company, we cover the whole of Essex and have the experience to complete any job you need. We want to maintain the natural beauty of your land and to advise you on the ways you can improve the appearance of it, as well as treating it as it should be. 

Get in touch today for a quote.

You’re one phone call away from having the perfect garden, and as Spring is approaching, maintaining it is so important. Get in touch with us now to book your consultation. We have up to date qualifications and have the correct safety equipment.

Here’s a recent before and after of some work we carried out.

  • Before some tree surgery by Essex Tree Brothers


    Before – overgrown twisted willow tree
  • Essex tree surgeons. Chelmsford tree surgery


    After – tidy up of an overgrown willow tree in Essex

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Tree Preservation in Essex
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