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What Do Commercial Tree Services Involve?

Trees can be one of the key focal points in the landscape of your business landscape, therefore your trees need to be maintained to a high standard throughout the seasons. For this reason, it makes sense to invest in commercial tree services. Keeping your trees in great shape can enhance the appearance and safety of your gardens or grounds, making them much more inviting to your customers and clients.

What are commercial tree services?

Commercial tree services involve the management, removal, and clearance of trees on a business landscape. Many organisations benefit from tree care work being carried out, ranging from hotels and restaurants to schools, hospitals, and care homes. Some of the most common commercial tree services can be found below.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction involves the removal of a specified amount of a tree’s canopy. This key pruning technique removes weight from the ends of the branches, forming a healthy lateral branch which will form a new crown. Not only can crown reduction improve the look of a tree but it can also prevent major damage from occurring in storms. By reducing the weight of potentially dangerous limbs, accidents and injuries are much less likely to occur.

Crown lifting

Crown lifting is another pruning technique that’s regularly carried out on trees on commercial landscapes. It involves removing the lowest branches and/or preparing the lower branches for future removal. Crown lifting increases the distance between the lower branches and ground level, creating a higher canopy for people to walk beneath. It can keep the branches away from buildings and passing traffic, allowing more light to come through the canopy, and open a more desirable view that may have been blocked by the lower branches.

Tree felling and removal

Although tree felling should be avoided where possible, sometimes it’s necessary. When trees get old and die, they can fall or branches can unexpectedly snap in a storm, causing injuries to your customers or staff. You may also need trees cut down if you need to use the land for another purpose. At Essex Tree Brothers, we can provide a safe and efficient tree felling service for our commercial clients.

Stump grinding

Once a tree has been cut down, you’ll be left with an unsightly stump. Removing this stump won’t just improve the look of your garden or grounds but it can allow you to use that space for another purpose. Perhaps most importantly, it can make the area safer by helping to prevent trips and falls.

Tree planting

Planting trees on your business grounds can offer some big advantages. As well as improving the appearance of a landscape, new trees can also bring shade and provide a valuable habitat for local wildlife. Essex Tree Brothers are experts in planting trees on commercial premises, from saplings to semi-mature specimens. We’ve planted trees in all sorts of settings, from retail and business parks to the grounds of schools and hospitals.

For commercial tree surgery in Essex, look no further than our experienced tree surgeons. Essex Tree Brothers have been serving commercial clients across the region for many years.

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