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What do we do with logs after tree felling?

Tree felling is required for a number of reasons. As well as making a property safer and preventing the spread of disease between trees, it can also allow land to be repurposed. When we cut down trees, hardwood logs are left which can be used for firewood, furniture, landscaping projects or even to create a habit for wildlife. At Essex Tree Brothers, we offer the best quality hardwood logs in Essex, supplying them to domestic and commercial customers throughout the area. Keep reading to find out what we do with logs after tree felling.;

Seasoning the logs

The logs that are produced after tree felling are seasoned, which essentially means they are left to dry on their own. This allows most of the moisture to evaporate off them beforehand, ensuring that when you put them on your fire, the wood burns cleanly and efficiently. This result is less dirt and minimal damage to the environment.

In order for them to be seasoned well, they should be split into smaller logs soon after cutting. Ideally, the logs should be cut to 25cm in length. Splitting the wood into smaller pieces increases its surface area, allowing the logs to dry out more easily.

When you buy logs for use as firewood, it’s important to ensure that they are seasoned or kiln-dried. Although you can burn wet wood, it’s not advisable. Burning wet firewood can damage the flu of your burner, creating a lot of smoke and air pollution, whilst achieving minimal heat.

What can hardwood logs be used for?

Hardwood logs can be used in a number of different ways. Most commonly, they are used as firewood. Hardwoods like oak, ash, birch and beech are better for burning than softwoods since they typically produce a greater amount of energy, ensuring a higher heat output for a longer period of time. Whether you want to burn them in a wood-burning fireplace or outside in a firepit, hardwood logs can more than stand up to the task. Our logs can also be used for various other purposes, including landscaping projects or even building furniture.

Find logs for sale

If you’re looking for hardwood seasoned logs for sale, look no further than Essex Tree Brothers. We supply logs to many people throughout the area, catering to both domestic and commercial needs. Our logs are seasoned and ready for you to burn or use for any other purpose. You can expect to receive high-quality logs from us at some of the best prices in the area. Priced at just £110 per cube of mixed logs or £140 for one cube of our premium ash/oak logs, you can rest assured that we offer superb value-for-money products.

To find out more about our hardwood logs for sale, get in touch with Essex Tree Brothers today. Call us on (01245) 955 117 or (01621) 484306 or send us a message via the website and we will get back to you right away.

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