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What Happens to Roots After Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is a popular method for getting rid of tree stumps after tree removal. By removing the visible portion of the tree stump entirely, it can improve the appearance and safety of an outside space considerably. However, you may be wondering what exactly happens to the roots after stump grinding has been carried out. Whilst the majority of the tree’s roots that were connected to the stump remain out of sight underground, you might be concerned about resprouting. This refers to the tree’s root system attempting to resprout new shoots. Read on to find out more about stump grinding in Essex.

Root decay and decomposition

Once the stump is removed, its roots are likely to decay and decompose over time. This is because they are deprived of the energy and nutrients that the tree used to provide. Beneficial soil organisms, such as fungi and bacteria, aid the decomposition process. The nutrients that were stored within the roots, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, are released back into the ground, enriching the soil and making it more fertile.


In some cases, resprouting can occur after stump grinding. The tree’s root system can attempt to resprout new shoots as a survival response. It does this by using energy that it has previously stored in its roots. The shoots may appear near the ground surface or around the perimeter of the former stump.

Root removal

If you want to eliminate the roots and the root system completely, for example, if you plan on using the land for another purpose, you may want to arrange for root removal to be carried out. A tree surgeon can do this for you using specialised equipment. The first step they will take is to excavate the area around the stump to expose the roots. They may do this with shovels, picks, and other digging tools.

Once the roots are exposed, they will then get to work cutting the roots, which can be done using tools and equipment such as a pruning saw, root saw, loppers, axe, chainsaw and even a mini excavator equipped with a root-grabbing attachment for very large and stubborn roots.

Keep in mind that the speed of root decay and resprouting can vary depending on the tree species, the size of the root system, and various environmental factors. Some species of trees have more aggressive root systems, which makes them more likely to resprout. Others may break down and decay at a faster rate.

Can I carry out stump grinding or root removal myself?

Both stump grinding and root removal can be physically demanding and potentially very hazardous. Therefore, if you lack the necessary expertise, it’s best to seek assistance from a professional tree surgeon. Tree surgeons possess the knowledge and experience to safely and efficiently remove stumps and roots. You can expect the job to be performed to a high standard when you hire Essex Tree Brothers.

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